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A software developer has to make sure that his projects are based on the customer’s requirements and the end-users' needs. While every project will have its specifications, there are some practices that will make the developer’s life easy. Globals are bad: Many times, it is found that the codes are…[...]
For different web applications, Google has created Angular js and Angular framework. Before you decide which framework you must use to develop your next web application, you must know the difference between the two frameworks. While Angular JS JavaScript is an open-source front end framework, Angular is version upgrade of…[...]
The quality benchmark of Apple is very high. Even in the case of apps, they ensure that the high standards are maintained. The iPhone app needs to be smart and interactive, and there should not be any compromises with the security of the application. There are a plethora of benefits…[...]
You must have noticed that you quickly recognize a business by taking a look at its logo, regardless of whether that company’s name is on the logo or not. Maybe you've seen that you can effectively figure out the type of business by taking a look at its logo even…[...]
Starting an eCommerce store is not as easy as it seems. From the get-go, you have to bring initial traffic to your Shopify website. But this daunting task can be made easy if you don’t hesitate to add a blog to your Shopify site. A lot of Shopify Store owners…[...]