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Design thinking is a method of problem-solving that involves asking questions first, then working backward until you reach a solution. The user interface of a website or app might seem simple at first glance, but a designer would look at the whole context and see where the problems lie. Let's…[...]
There are numerous reasons why websites get redesigned. Sometimes it happens because of a new update – new features or changes in design. Other times, it's about improving the user experience (UX). And sometimes, it might even be due to your competitors re-designing their site. Whatever the reason it is,…[...]
How often do you get lost on a site or stumble across pages that don’t seem to make sense? If you want to increase traffic to your site, then it’s important to ensure visitors stay on track and aren’t left confused. Have you ever found yourself searching through a long…[...]
Mobile responsive websites are becoming very important for businesses these days. They give a good user experience, and they also increase user retention and conversion rates. The question now is whether the number of mobile devices out there has reached its peak or not. With over half of the global…[...]
How do get people to convert their traffic into paying customers? That’s the question every entrepreneur wants to answer. And that’s why they spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing strategies. But, let’s face it, these methods don’t always work. They might even backfire and cost you more than…[...]
How do you get visitors to click through to your site? If you want to create a website that gets traffic, then you need to focus on getting people to visit your site. The key is to design websites that are interesting and compelling enough to draw attention.  When designing…[...]