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Smartphones are clearly on their way to dominating the digital space. Google's push on mobile-first everything exemplifies this shift. Most websites' mobile optimization is now considered standard practice. According to Statistics, mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for 51.53 percent of global website traffic in 2020, have consistently hovered around the…[...]
Did you know that entrepreneurs of all sizes, from startups to well-established firms, are turning to custom web development to launch their brands in the way they want? Even those who currently have a business website are eager to customize it to meet the needs of their customers. There are…[...]
A software developer has to make sure that his projects are based on the customer’s requirements and the end-users' needs. While every project will have its specifications, there are some practices that will make the developer’s life easy. Globals are bad: Many times, it is found that the codes are…[...]
Web design and development trends keep changing constantly. Every year there are new trends that you just cannot miss out on. This year is no different. Here are some website design and development trends to watch out for in 2020. Do Not Miss Out on These Website Design and Development…[...]
Successful websites have a lot of work done on them behind the scene – even though you may think launching one is an easy task. With thousands of dedicated software applications and professional development agencies ready to help you at a moment’s notice, it is easy to be carried away…[...]
Website development is the need of every business nowadays. Every business owner thinks of getting a website for his business at least once in his lifetime and if the business is totally based on online services being provided, then the website is just the need of the hour. Getting a…[...]