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As a web designer or developer your primary focus is on creating a website that gives the best user experience. You must make use of Google Analytics to get a better idea about the user behaviour on the websites so that you can create the website accordingly. In Google Analytics…[...]
A large number of people have a lot of faith in the eCommerce platform Magento. More than 12% of the eCommerce websites are powered by this platform. But Magento has some issue which can cause a hindrance in the eCommerce growth. [caption id="attachment_7362" align="alignnone" width="530"] Magento Issues[/caption] Here are the…[...]
The web design requirements of clients keep changing and new trends emerge in the web designing arena. It is important that as a web designer you follow the latest web design and UI trends as only then you can have a competitive edge over your competitors and you will be…[...]
The coming together of the operations and development teams is a very useful combination for the organization. It helps to create a unified approach for system administration and software development. Here are some important advantages of DevOps that will convince you how important it is for your organization to adopt…[...]
Blockchain is an amazing technology that is transforming traditional business models. This technology has been used successfully in different industries like healthcare, finance, government, etc. Let us explore some of the benefits of blockchain technology for various industries. [caption id="attachment_7331" align="alignnone" width="530"] Benefits of Blockchain Technology[/caption] Blockchain technology gives better…[...]