Is it still a safe bet opt for an iPhone app?

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Posts: January 2015

Is it still a safe bet opt for an iPhone app?

Many believe that only Steve Jobs knew how to make a good product and deliver to people's expectations. Others believe that Android phones sell more than the Apple devices and that is probably the way forward. Furthermore they believe that Tim Cook may not be able to lead the Apple…[...]

Changing the basic colors of the Joomla Website

Joomla is a robust software that has been built using PHP language. However PHP knowledge is not required to download and install it onto your server. Once you do install it you may have the need to change the look and feel of the website. This can be done by…[...]

How to change slider dimensions in Joomla

Joomla is an open source software that is a free download from their website. It is available for just anyone to download and install. All you need is a basic level of IT skills are you are fine. You can follow the set wise installation procedure through to installing the…[...]

Placing your Joomla website in maintenance mode

Joomla is an open source software which is free to download from their website. It can be downloaded and installed by just about any one. Joomla has a very user friendly interface and the installation procedure is also quite easy to follow with all the steps that it has. Being…[...]

Joomla: Install the engine and template

Joomla is one software that is easy to install and use. It is in fact available as a free download from their website. Being open source it can also be modified as you please. This makes it the right open source software for you to use while making just about…[...]