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Ways of Using AngularJS and Examples of Websites Using Them

AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework that can be used to develop website templates. It allows one to use extensions of HTML to develop the website design. The main features of AngularJS include two-way binding, modular coding, ability to handle RESTful API as well as Ajax handling. This is an open source framework that is mainly used for the front end of the website. It has been developed by Google and is also being maintained by them. AngularJS makes use of the MVC architecture and hence is easy for the web developers to use and develop robust applications. Implementations of AngularJS [...]    Read More

Differences Between Swift iOS and Android App Development

Smart Mobiles devices have become second nature to most of us now. A number of people are now opting for smartphones and making use of the various features available over the Internet via apps and websites. There are mainly two types of Smartphones that have become very popular, the iPhone and Android Devices. Hence it is needless to say that a majority of the Apps available are developed for these two platforms, iOS, and Android. Main Differences between Swift iOS & Android App Development   It is believed by many that the coding process for both an iOS app and Android app is [...]    Read More

The Best Method to Develop an iOS App

Almost every medium to large business has an iPhone application these days. This is no surprise since a number of people depend on their mobile devices. That said, there are still a large number of business who are yet to develop their mobile application or those who wish to further enhance their existing mobile application. Methods to Develop iOS App   There are many methods of developing an iOS app. Some of the more popular methods are listed here: Native iOS Development It is possible to develop a stunning iOS app using the native Mac OS. This can be done with the help of several [...]    Read More

Wearable Devices and their many unimaginable uses

Wearable Devices are technology devices that serve a purpose and that can be worn. Such devices can be used as a fitness tracker, for several health-related monitors or reminders. There are numerous applications for a wearable device. Some of the common wearable devices include the Apple Wearable devices, the Android Wearable devices, Google Glass, Fitbit.   Wearable Device Uses   The Wearable devices can be used in many different ways and there are many apps specially developed for Wearable devices:   Healthcare: It is amazing how much information can be gathered by a [...]    Read More

Using Node JS & React JS to Build a Website

JavaScript has been used to develop websites since long. It is now easier to develop websites using JavaScript thanks to the many frameworks that are now available. This includes frameworks like AngularJS, React.js, Node.js and many more. Node.js is a JavaScript framework and an open source cross-platform environment to execute server-side JavaScript code. React.js is a JavaScript library that is mainly used to develop the website interface.   Web Development with Node.js and React.js   It is possible to develop a website using JavaScript alone, this includes both front end and [...]    Read More