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Website Development

Do You Really Need a Website?

By: Rushik Shah

1. Are you thinking about your own website?

2. You have a question in your mind why you need a website?

3. Which types of things you have to know before make your own website?

Don’t get confused, this article gives you all details about it step by step.

You most definitely need a website and if you are one of those people who is thinking otherwise then this article is specially for you.

To start we need to ask you as to why you need an office or a new outlet in the first place? You may say that it is required in order to expand the business. To that we would say that the mindset of the people is on the change and an on demand website would have the potential of serving the purpose even better.

Case Study:

According to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey, more than 85% of the world’s online population has used the internet to make a purchase – this is about 875 million, up 40% in the last two years.

Content Source:

Brick or e-Brick

  • It is beyond doubt that the stores and businesses that have a brick shop or office are doing better once they have developed a website for themselves. But that is not all; the amazing fact is that there are many merchants who do not even have a brick shop or office and have taken to the Internet directly and been a success in a big way. Hence the question really should be how soon will change your mind or realize that you require a website.
  • It will also save spending on making a store and hire person(s) to manage things.
  • Creating one shop takes 3-6 months while you can easily create a good website within one month.


Showcase or Sell products and services

Showcase or Sell products and services                             

It is possible to use the website as a platform to showcase the products or services of the company. The visitor can gain detailed information about the product or the service he desires without leaving the comfort of his home and at any time of day as well.

In the case that you also sell products then it provides the perfect platform to sell from, since you will be able to easily attract customers by using a good graphics and marketing.

In addition to which you will be able to target the desired audience with appropriate marketing and maximize the potential of a sale or inquire.


Instant Information round the clock

Instant Information round the clock

You have the advantage displaying detailed information on you website and getting the information across to the right people without actually spend a penny so to speak. There would be the initial cost of setting up the website but you will subsequently benefit without having to spend on employees to explain the information to the visitors. In the same way the products will sell themselves.

All you need to do make sure your customers are aware about you website and the type of products you are selling. This is bound to start a profitable trend and there will be no turning back.

Shopping cart summary

Personalized Service

The website will help you reach a much greater audience then you would have ever imagined. It now becomes possible for you to overcome geographical boundaries and to go where no one has gone before.

It can overcome the language barrier besides which it also has the ability for you to provide many different payment options as well.

From payment options in different currencies to many different payment options like Credit Card, Cash on delivery, to net banking there are immense possibilities.

Choose your payment method

Good Marketing

Having a website helps you establish your presence in yet another new domain and that is the Internet. You are likely to be marketing via several media for example via the newspaper or leaflets and may be even exhibitions. That would be money well spent in terms of making the consumers aware of existence. But imagine include a website address along with your marketing efforts.

A website can help attract the consumers since they can know what to expect besides which the website could even be a directsales point or even work as a big marketing strategy in itself.

Some sorts of available marketing are…

  • SEO.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Pay per click.
  • Video marketing.

Having the most Frequently Asked questions easily available

If there is one thing the consumers are full off it is questions. Having a website can solve this. You can have and almost do require a FAQ page on your website consisting of answers to the most common questions raised by the visitors. Not only do the visitors get the answers when they want they also have the ability to make the purchase or contact you regarding an inquiry immediately.

Cost cutting

The benefits of having a website are plenty; for example it will cut your communication costs for one. You have the opportunity of generating a customer base along with their contact details in terms of an email address. It is thus possible for you to send periodic newsletters to all the customers including the special offers and new products and services to look out for.

For example

Suppose you hire one marketing person with 3000 USD per month and he/she spends 20 days & 8 hrs/day.

Now on the same time if you create a website it will cost you maximum 2000 USD (if you create only informative website it will cost you less) and for promotion 1000 USD per month.

Website will work for you 24/7 and if properly managed you can start getting leads from the first month itself with the help of PPC marketing. So, you can save 1000+ USD per month and after 4-5 months website will start generating significant leads/sell as well.

24/7 – 365 days Service

Your website has the ability of reaching beyond our limited reach. It has the potential of servicing the entire world. Besides which your website never sleeps. With a website you now have the ability to be a 24/7 service provider or shop.

Visitors can contact you any time and you can make new customers any time of the day.

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  • Do you really need a website?
  • Why do need a website?

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