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Website Performance For Website Developed Using Core PHP vs PHP framework

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A large percent of the websites online, have been developed using PHP. The websites can be developed using either core PHP, a PHP framework or an open source software in PHP. Core PHP involves programming using basic PHP functions while PHP framework involves using a framework with several modules. Since it has several common modules like that for authentication etc., hence it reduces the coding tasks for the web developer.

Website performance for Website Developed using core PHP vs a PHP framework

Advantages of developing website using a PHP Framework

1. There are many PHP frameworks available and almost all of them would have been tested prior to release. Hence the PHP frameworks are generally considered to be reliable.

2.Such PHP frameworks are usually developed using OOPS concepts, for example some MVC design. Hence they can extend the functionality of the framework.

3. When one starts a new project, there are many repetitive tasks that need to be taken care off. If the website is developed using a PHP framework, there are several features that are already developed and hence just need to be implemented.

4. PHP framework discourages use of bad coding techniques. This is an advantage since the website will then be developed using proper standards. This is also an advantage if the web developer is a not experienced and the chances of using bad code are high.

Advantages of developing website using core PHP

1. Core PHP developed offers more flexibility and control. If developing in a PHP framework, you need to follow the code structure or methods that are specific to that framework.

2. There are several frameworks that use special notations and methods that is almost like learning a different language.

3.A person new to PHP may find it easy to develop a website using a framework since there are many methods already developed and simple methods available to implement the other requirements. However, for an experienced programmer developing a website using core PHP means they have a greater level of flexibility.

4.For those developing in core PHP using OOPs concepts are too likely to develop modules that can be reused.

5.Core PHP helps get a clearer picture of the project and understand the logic better and offers ability to use the full potential of the language.

The verdict

There are mixed replies to the question on whether it is better to develop a website using core PHP or use PHP framework. Some do believe that it depends on the size of a project and that it is a good idea to use a good framework for a large project.

At the end of the day there are many advantages of using a PHP framework since there are already several modules built in like that for authentication and security and furthermore the frameworks have been tried and tested too. This reduces the workload for the software developer who can concentrate more on the business logic and less on the development of the basic website. PHP frameworks perform well and can be tweaked to some extent. Although it does depend on the size of the project, the performance of a framework will remain steady. This is because they use several caching techniques to ensure this.

At the same time there are also many advantages of using core PHP. Core PHP offers more flexible. The developer can take advantage of the OOPs concepts and also reuse models. Core PHP projects offer more flexibility hence it is possible improve the performance of the website in more ways than one.

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