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Web developers these days prefer to use PHP for the development of websites and apps. There are plenty of reasons due to which developers and development services are preferring PHP these days. This includes reasons like proper documentation, scripts that are ready to use, a well-the supported framework, etc. For…[...]
PHP is an important factor to consider during website creation. It will not only let them build the website properly but will also use different solutions according to the needs of a business. Moreover, multiple needs include e-commerce, Magento, open card, card, Prestashop, and so on. It is an open-source…[...]
PHP Development Process The Web Development Process involves many stages right from design to development. There are also several other tasks involved that support the Web Development process. A lot of planning and analysis is involved prior to the start of the actual development projects. The development environment also includes documentation, testing, and maintenance.…[...]
A large percent of the websites online, have been developed using PHP. The websites can be developed using either core PHP, a PHP framework or an open source software in PHP. Core PHP involves programming using basic PHP functions while PHP framework involves using a framework with several modules. Since…[...]
It is a good idea to test your code prior to delivering the final project in order to avoid risks. It is quite common for there to be bugs in the code due to errors of some kind. Hence, testing the code prior to release is a must to make…[...]
Ripple and XRP together cannot be easy to put by any means. The transfer of the digital asset like Bitcoin is not designed by any buccaneer claiming to be a developer. Everything good today in the XRP transfer arena is accredited to a new Woo commerce Ripple Gateway plugin that…[...]