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Top 9 ways to Increase Sales for Ecommerce Websites in 2021

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

Online sales growth is the major objective of numerous companies of all sizes. Increasing sales using the internet – seems easy, but it is quite difficult when you actually try to incorporate it into your daily practice.

Most of these methods can be implemented right now, which is great news. Others are broader in nature, while others focus on particular tactics you can use. We’ll look at 9 such techniques in this blog so, whether you sell physical items or run a service-based firm. You will get benefits from them.

Check out some of the best ways that will help you in increasing sales for eCommerce website.

1. Offer Smooth Checkout Process

Almost 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned, according to statistics. Customers leave their carts for a variety of reasons. It might range from expensive shipping costs to forced account setup, but a slow or excessively difficult checkout procedure accounts for 18% of all cart abandonment.

By adding an intuitive user interface, reducing distractions, enabling guest checkout, and accepting various payment choices, you can guarantee that your eCommerce store’s checkout process runs smoothly.

85% of websites online have a higher Shopping cart Abandonment Rate. Try to reduce friction in the checkout process because according to Business Insider approx $4 Trillion worth of online merchandise was abandoned in one year only out of which 63% was potentially recoverable.

Page speed and complicated checkout process are some of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

Implement a Progress Indicator to set clear expectations about how long it’ll take to complete the checkout process by displaying a progress indicator. Try to include product reviews on the checkout page to maximize conversions.

2. Optimize your website to make it SEO Friendly

In order to improve eCommerce traffic, you will need to include content development in your marketing plan. You must also grasp the function that SEO plays in driving traffic to People that are interested in what you have to offer and will be able to find you in search engine results by using this marketing strategy. As long as you pay attention to the essentials, your brand recognition will flourish.

Encourage user-generated content UGC helps your eCommerce site rank for fresh new content and long-tail keywords. This information helps the purchase decision and can boost your online store conversion rate. We can find the eCommerce conversion rate in google analytics and from there you can set a goal to improve the conversion rate. And don’t forget to check the bounce rate of your website as it is a bad signal that affects both your website’s SEO and conversion.

3. Optimize your website for Mobile

A boom in mobile eCommerce sales has resulted from the combination of smartphones and social media. Indeed, mobile revenues are anticipated to reach a staggering $3.56 trillion by 2021, according to Gartner Research. To take advantage of this increasing market, you’ll need to ensure that your website is completely compatible with mobile smartphones, tablets, and other types of mobile devices.

When we talk about mobile optimization you need to take care of simple mobile payment options/integrations,single-step checkouts, dynamic web page design to fit different phone models and a lot more to make browsing easier for users.

4. Top-quality product images & videos

As several studies have shown, a high-quality, relevant, and aesthetically attractive image can boost conversion rates. There’s a chance that the photos don’t only display the things for sale but motivate the customer. Adding images to your website’s design can help you attract potential consumers.

Your brand’s identity can be captured in pictures and visuals that provoke emotions and help you remember them. Up to 2000 pictures can be stored in the typical person’s memory.

5. Provide Multiple Payment Options

In addition to establishing your brand’s credibility, it’s vital to include customer testimonials on your website what an excellent method to show off your company’s success and to let people know about the level of service you provide!.

Include trust badges to increase the sense of security and another top reason for cart abandonment is concerns about payment security.

6. Show the reviews that you have got from customers

Don’t forget about client testimonials, Facebook likes, and recommendations! It’s also possible to show notifications when a transaction is made at the bottom of your website.“This is quite popular at the moment,” a sales assistant tells a customer online.

Online reviews are massively important for branded search results.One way to leverage social proof is to add ratings on your products.

If your customer is giving you a bad review this means they are not happy with your product or service. Allow customers to give Unbiased Reviews for your product and avoid giving bribes to people in order to get positive reviews from customers.

7. Highlight Most Selling Products

Your best-selling goods should be prominently displayed on the landing page, as well as any ongoing specials and campaigns that concentrate on your products and nothing else.

Create a suitable link to your blog so that visitors or potential customers can get the information they need.

8. Optimize your website speed

As an example, consider the following: Make sure your consumers aren’t kept waiting. It’s likely that you’re to blame if your business doesn’t load in a matter of seconds as other websites do.

People nowadays use mobile and tablets to shop online and 40% of mobile users have bought something online from their devices.

Even a half-second reduction in loading time is significant in a world where three seconds is already too long for most people.

Spend time and money on code and image optimization, server response time acceleration, and eliminating the majority of render-blocking JavaScript.

There are a number of SEO tools available that can assist you in analyzing your site and determining its speed.

9. Offer free shipping such that shipping cost is included in product cost.

It is possible that a well-placed opt-in offer for free delivery or a discount on their first order can persuade prospective consumers to buy from you. This way, you’ve added them to your database, and they can return later to finish the deal, even if they decide not to make the buy at the moment.


So just eCommerce website development will not help you in increasing sales you need to follow the above points. When it comes to increasing sales online, remarketing is unquestionably the most efficient method. It can run from google ads. Remarketing not only keeps your brand at the forefront of prospects’ minds, but it also gives would-be consumers countless more chances to convert.

Given the frequently fragmented customer experience, which now typically spans at least a day or two and several devices, also remarketing closely fits with how today’s consumers want to buy – that is, wherever and whenever they want.

Pay-per-click(PPC) remarketing is complicated with distinct concerns depending on whether you are remarketing with paid search or paid social.

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