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6 Web design and UI trends in 2021

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The web design requirements of clients keep changing and new trends emerge in the web designing arena. It is important that as a web designer you follow the latest web design and UI trends as only then you can have a competitive edge over your competitors and you will be able to fulfill the client demands with ease.

Minimal design:

Minimal design is a strong trend that is evolving continuously. Always follow the rule of keeping it simple as it is easier for the visitors the navigate the website, the visitors are able to understand the website better and the chances of them visiting the website again are more.

Dark modes feature:

These days clients want their website with dark art this is because it has been found that many users prefer this feature. One of the main reasons for this is that visitors find it easier to read bright accents on dark modes. With better readability naturally this is one of the latest trends. You will find clients will demand neon accent colors, block letters, etc.

Illustration type:

Telling a story with animation is easier and this is the reason that animation and illustrations are one of the hot trends. Aesthetic and subtle animations are preferred. Remember that artistic, creative, and imaginative elements will always be in demand as they help to communicate with visitors better.

UI designing with sound:

Web and UI designing with sound is one of the most popular trends and it is here to stay. Whether it is visuals or 3D designs or animations they depend in a big way on sound. The impact of these creative designs depends on sound. So, be prepared to make use of UI designing with sound in a big way in the coming times.

Overlapping layers and elements are important:

Forgiving dimension and depth to objects overlapping layers and elements is an important aspect. They may not make a 3D effect but they work well with almost all types of designs. The organization of several content types and elements becomes easier with this aspect.

Variable fonts are explained:

The right font has a lot of importance in web design. In the case of variable fonts, in one file you get many different options. You get options for space, width, etc and due to this, you can achieve many different appearances with ease. Due to this feature performance improves and transition between styles becomes easier.

How Alakmalak can help ?

Alakmalak has a team of  web design and UI  experts. We have the flair to mix and match the different options available so that we can give the best website design to the client.

The 6 trends that we have listed above are some of the most important trends and you must ensure that you use them in the right way in your projects.

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Rushik Shah 08 January , 2021

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