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Steps To Optimize The Website Design

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Optimize the website design

In the highly competitive world of web design, it is necessary to have the upper edge using some unique technique of some kind. This can be a design element that catches the eye or simply optimization of your existing design. Here are a few points to help you take the necessary steps towards optimizing your website in the right direction.

A. The Logo:

The logo is a very important element of your website from the marketing perspective. This applies equally to both conventional marketing as well as digital marketing like SEO. The logo is generally located in the header area of your website and is one of the first things that the visitor will see. It is also likely to make a lasting impression on the visitor.

Hence it is a good idea to spend some time designing the logo and even consider hiring a professional logo designer for the job. It is also vital and one of the most basic logo design feature to link the logo to the home page.

B. The Navigation:

The navigation is one of the most important elements of any website design. At times when creating websites based on themes the designer often make the error designing a navigation section that is not intuitive and is placed where the visitor may take a while to find.

C. The Clutter:

A website used to have only text at one point of time. However the world wide web has come a long way since then. With more number of web designers using plenty of images it often creates a clutter on the home page. That said it is important to include images on a website; since images have a better ability to get the message across.

D. White Space:

White space is good in a website. Several web designer already practice this method and their layout include plenty of white space in their design. Providing more space between design elements makes the design more appealing.

E. Use of Color:

The choice of use of colors caries a lot of weight-age. This is something that can either make or break as website. The color choice of the website dictates how the website comes across to the visitors. For example using a slight dash of color or shade for a header or the ‘on-click’ event of a link makes a very big difference.

F. Use of Images:

A website will have plenty of images. I am not referring to a photo gallery that maybe present on the website, instead to the graphics that complement the design of the website. This may be the image for the title, the header the sidebar section or the logo. Besides which it is likely that the website has a few banners too or each page. It is possible procure such images from an image stock website however it is usually a good idea to create customized images to suit your website.

G. The Fonts:

The size, family and style of the fonts on your website go a long way in making the website a success. For example a website with very fancy fonts on the navigation bar may be visually appealing however it is not practical when it comes to using the website. At the same time the font of the content also needs to be chosen carefully since the content can be read on a desktop or a mobile device but should still be readable.

H. Responsive:

With an increase in the number of mobile internet users recently it has become vital for the businesses to cater for the mobile platform as well. The fact of the matter is that this year (2015), the number of mobile internet users have increased and are now more than those on other platforms. Thus designing a responsive website is an optimal solution for most website owners since it kills two birds with one stone.

Why You Choose Alakmalak?:

It is quite apparent that the journey from having no internet presence to being the most popular business on the Internet is a long one. But this article provides a good insight to make you better prepared to face the hurdles that come your way and even smoothen the process. It is really true that knowledge is power and if you as a business man are equipment with the knowledge of how to go about doing this you will be much better off. The website once designed also needs to be hosted, thus you will also require some server space.

Alakmalak is one company that has been in existence since a very long time and since then has completed more than 2000 projects successfully. It has clients from all around the world with a continuously growing client base. By trusting Alakmalak with the development of your website you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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