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State of Mobile game development

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Mobile Game Development

The mobile game development industry is in a boom with several companies offering such services. In fact there are mobile application development in India on the whole is getting a lot of attention in India with more number of companies offering such services. Here are a few figures and statistics that will reveal how much and how fast this industry is growing.

  • The value of the gaming market in 2012 was estimated to be approximately $7.8 billion.

  • According to the current data and trends the estimated value of the mobile game market for the year 2016 will be a whopping $18.3 billion.

There are several reasons for the rapid growth in the mobile gaming industry.

  • The education and skill (and even resources for that matter) barrier for entry into the mobile gaming industry is very low.

  • There is plenty of creativity amongst the people who do not mind putting in long hours and doing a little hard work in order to release their next big game.

  • There is continuous advances in mobile game technology, which facilitates the rapid growth.

The mobile device – technological advancements:

There have been many advancements in the mobile device technology over the past few years. There was a time when Research in Motion (RIM) had a fair share of this as did several others. However gaming as evolved from our small monochromatic screens to large IPS displays.

We have come a long way from playing games like “Snake” on our small phones and comparing our high scores when we next meet up with friends; to playing games like chess, music quiz with a live opponent or friend located thousand miles away.

There are several platforms to look out for now and in the coming future. Top of this list are Apple store and the Google play store which are leading the mobile gaming industry by a large margin.

The mobiles phones these days have very high specifications and unique feature that can beat the PC or the Xbox. Hence the games being developed for the mobile gamine platform are also quite advanced and feature packed. The main features include the larger size of over 5.5 inches, high capacity batteries (with several advancements in battery technology), very good graphics and animation supported by the fast CPU and special purpose GPU in built.

The supporting OS and advanced Apps and their advanced features:

Smartphones are being accepted by more number of people with more number of smartphones being purchased in general. Although there are several options when it comes to the operating systems on device. Amongst the most popular are:

iOS, Android, Windows Phone and RIM(blackberry).

With more number of people using smartphone the facilities and software that supports them have increased ten-fold. It has advanced to the extent where just about anything is possible making feature packed apps for mobile devices. The games capitalize on the feature available on the mobile device.

This is a device which has mass appeal and is connected with other people in so many different ways. For example it is possible to play games by connecting via your social networking account like Facebook, etc. It is amazing how much a social network can influence gaming.

Alakmalak’s growing stance in the mobile gaming industry:

Alakmalak have been helping businesses and other organizations establish their online presence since long time now. It was quite an achievement for them to develop over 2000 websites in their first 10 years as a Web Development company.

However Alakmalak is more than a Web Development firm, they have also developed some stunning apps and are actively involve iOS and iPhone projects. Thus Alakmalak is capable of handling almost any kind of project, from dedicated iPhone developers to large iPhone projects that may require additional resources. Being a firm that offers multiple technology solutions has it benefits since then there are always plenty of skilled resources to get the task done on time.

In fact Alakmalak has begun to expand their infrastructure and resources. They have also started offering a wider range of service when it comes to the mobile gaming platform.

  • State of mobile game development
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