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With more than 85% of the global market, share android is definitely the largest mobile platform in the world. There is tough competition in the android app development field and every android app developer wants to come up with the best products. By following some useful tips, the android app…[...]
The mobile app development industry is evolving at a faster rate with its newest technology advancements based on consumer needs. If you want to succeed in this area, it is vital that you stay up to date with the latest technology trends. So, to build a leading mobile application one…[...]
When a person is approaching a mobile app developer, there are so many things which they need to consider. If they are not talking about the basic requirement, then they will not be able to understand the things appropriately. Here we will be going to discuss the top questions which…[...]
We all know that the number of mobile phone users is growing exponentially. One of the reasons is the different apps that provide business solutions. When we talk about mobile phone apps there will be 2 different types of apps. One for Android users and the second one will be…[...]
Mobile phones are no longer just a means of communicating with people. It is today a tool that can be used in business development. This is the reason that businesses of all types and sizes must give mobile applications for business growth a serious thought. Here are the reasons which…[...]
The market share of Android is already more than 80%. In the mobile app, development android has come up with path-breaking techniques and tools. The emphasis has always been on the simplification of the development process and giving a better user experience. Here are some trends in android app development…[...]