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A step by step guide to PHP Web development Process

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The Web Development Process involves many stages right from design to development. There are also several other tasks involved that support the Web Development process. A lot of planning and analysis is involved prior to the start of the actual development projects. The development environment also includes documentation, testing, and maintenance.

PHP Web Development Process

Development Process

It is important to understand what the website is all about prior to the start of the development process. For example, the modern website may be an eCommerce website, however, it is important to be aware of what kind of content is required on pages and what products are to be sold in order to design it appropriately and make sure it appeals to the people of the correct age group and region. Thus the development process involves several stages mentioned below:

Project Analysis:

This is an important stage of the Web Development process. This involves the process of requirements gathering and setting the goal of the project. All the factors like project cost, project feasibility, and web development requirements are taken into consideration during this stage of development. The project requirement analysis is also carried out at this stage, which often involves a great deal of consultation with the client.


The step website creation process of website design has a big influence on the later stages of the project. Hence this needs to be carried out with utmost care. This process involves documentation of the design of the project like the interface and functional features that are required. Any special requirements based on client requests or functionality need to be addressed during this stage.


The process of development involves the development of the website layout or interface. This is usually done by the website designers who make use of tools like Photoshop, CSS Code, Theme Development, and HTML editors. The functionality of the website is also developed during this stage. This involves programming using languages like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and many other technologies as well.


This is stage involves shifting the website from the development environment to the production environment and set up the project for testing.


Although the project is thoroughly tested during every stage of development, it is important to setup proper test cases at the end of the project development stage. This is important to make sure all the requirements are met and that there are no bugs.

All the bugs and issues found during this testing process are addressed by the development team and the testing team is requested to test the project once again. Thereafter is the process of final approval by the client, which involves acceptance and final deployment.


The web development process does not end after acceptance and deployment. The website development team is also responsible for the maintenance of the website which may involve minor tweaks, updating or upgrading as per agreement with the client.

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