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How to Choose a Mobile Application Development Platform With OS?

Mobile Apps Development

So now that you have choose to make a mobile application and have the perfect idea for an application all that requires to be done is to develop it. But there is one more step prior to commencing the mobile application development and is selecting the OS right for your application. This essentially means selecting the platform or device for most part.

Choosing the right OS or device largely depends on the type of mobile application being built. In most cases the mobile application development company in India or else where can guide you while making the decision though this article can also provide some guide line for selecting the OS.

There are primarily four Mobile OS Platforms and they are iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and as for selecting an OS it should depend on the complexity of the mobile application to be designed, targeted market and to a certain extend the feature required in the application though most features are common to all the platforms. There is a lot of competition between Android and iOS and it is believed that Android holds a larger market share in term of number of devices running the OS is concerned.

However iOS has great deal more applications in the market, it is another thing that Android is rapidly depleting the lead held by iOS. Android has more issues with malware while iOS devices are very feature rich and secure and thus a safe bet. Moreover Android devices can be of many different kinds and the app developed for Android in general will not necessarily work on every Android device. It is quite the opposite with the iOS device since it is only Apple that produces iOS devices.

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Rushik Shah 20 June , 2013

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