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Mobile App development on Android or iOS (Apple) – What is the difference

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How Android app is different from iOS app? Android App Development companies in India have been answering this question to their client since many years now, and still the question goes on. As an expert company must know a reasonable answer to this question.

Mobile Application development still remains a hot topic. As the number of smart phones continue to increase and more number of people using the Internet on their devices also growing in numbers; it is more important than ever before for every business to have a mobile app of their own. This applies to all kinds of businesses whether it is an ecommerce store app or a simple product catalogue or a simple informational app. When it comes to mobile application development there are two main types, the Android apps and the Apple (iOS) apps.

Difference for Android vs IOS Mobile Apps Development

Introduction to Mobile App Development:


  •  All Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad or even the iPod require the iOS apps. While an Android mobile application can run on just about any device with the Android operating system which range from several makes of phones, android boxes and even TVs.
  •  There are apps that are exclusively for iPhone and iPad.
  •  Usually an iOS app is developed such that it can be used on multiple Apple devices.
  • An iOS app is restricted to only Apple devices.
  • Android applications can be used on multiple devices and there are many phones and other devices like TVs, etc that support this operating system.
  • The development of an (Apple) iOS application is best done on a Mac since it requires the use of Xcode (IDE) to develop native iOS applications.
  • An Android application can be developed on a wide range of devices. The Android SDK components can be used with several developing environments making it easy to develop Android apps on either Windows, Mac OS and even Linux.

Pros and Cons of Picking either Mobile Development Platform


  • The learning curve to develop iOS applications seems a bit steeper as compared to Android applications.
  • The quality of the documentation available for Android application development does seem to be a bit higher.
  • There appears to be more support for the Android application developer online with more number of forums and support website offering advice and help.
  • Development time of an Android app if often lesser than that of an Apple device.
  • Android applications utilize Java as the basic language as compared to iOS applications that use Objective-C or Swift.
  • Android applications often require more coding which is often an issue since more coding does mean more chances of bugs being present.
  • When it comes to emulators, the Apple iOS emulators beat the Android emulator every time. The Android emulators are much slower and not up to speed.
  • With Android devices they can be of make, model, size, configuration, etc. Hence the more number of devices your app is tested on the more flexible you will need to make it thus causing fragmentation.
  • With iOS app development it is easier since only Apple devices can use the iOS applications. The iOS apps can be exclusively for iPhone or iPad and iOS version dependent however there do not need to worry about being compatible to be able to use on various unknown devices


Alakmalak Mobile App Development with the Verdict

Why Choose Alakmalak as your growth partner

Alakmalak is a iOS and Android App Development company in India, also a reputed Web Development firm that has successfully completed more than 2000 projects. They are also involved in game development and have all the necessary resources for the same. Alakmalak has a team of skilled mobile application developers too.

Although as a development firm Alakmalak offers the development services for both iOS applications as well as Android applications the statistics speak for themselves.

  • There are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users with 1900 Million mobile internet users compared to the 1650 desktop internet users in 2015
  • Mobile advert spending in 2015 was close to 28 billion in 2015 and is expected to rise by 40% this year (2016).
  • App downloads from Google Play Store (Android) where almost double that of the Apple app store in 2015.
  • The app revenue for the Apple app store was almost double that of the Android Google Play store.
  • Thus there are several pros and cons in developing applications for either platform and which you choose depends more on your application. At times many businesses prefer to publish their app on both devices as well.







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