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7 Reasons that make Android or iOS (Apple) app development different in 2020

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We all know that the number of mobile phone users is growing exponentially. One of the reasons is the different apps that provide business solutions. When we talk about mobile phone apps there will be 2 different types of apps. One for Android users and the second one will be for iOS (Apple) users.

One will surely want to know the difference in the Mobile Application development on Android and iOS.

App Development: Android vs. iOS:

Both the operating systems have their features and they have dissimilarities. The app developer has to keep in mind the operating system for which he is creating the app and needs to develop the app accordingly. So here are the few things that make these 2 different from each other.


1) Programming language:

Android App Development companies in India make use of Java which needs too much coding for developing the android apps. They also make use of Kotlin and C#. In the case of iOS Objective -C was used for many years. These days Swift is being used.

2) The difference in the back-end application development:

In the case of Android Eclipse, Android Studio, and IntelliJ are used for back end application development. Xcode 8 is used for back end application development in the case of iOS

3) Single and multiple device manufacturers:

We all are aware that Apple can be used only on iPhone and iPads. But Android can be used by different mobile phone manufacturers. So, the manufacturers can create their own user experience. This is something that is not possible in the case of Apple.

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4) UI patterns in the two operating systems:

The UI patterns in both the operating systems are different. The overall look of both is different. That is the menu, the header etc are different.

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The developer during the Mobile Application development needs to keep this in mind

5) The difference in the back button:

Android App Development companies in India have physical buttons of the device for back, home etc which makes navigating very easy. In the case of iOS (Apple), there is a back button and there is a lock button. So, in the case of android app how to go to the previous screen is self-explanatory but for iOS (Apple) the app developer will have to use something like an arrow that points to the left.

6) Testing of apps:

The testing of android apps is done using an android emulator. The testing of iOS (Apple) is done using the iOS simulator.

7) App Stores:

For iOS (Apple) apps there is Apple app store where the app will be released only after it is checked thoroughly by Apple. For Android, there is Google Play Store that does not follow a strict process for release of apps.

Mobile Operating Systems – An insight into current popularity and market share:

According to Forbes, the global market share of Android is more than 80%. Whereas that of iOS (Apple) is around 10%. In European countries as well as in the US the market share of Android is more than that of Apple.

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Your app developer needs to keep all these aspects in mind when he develops the app.

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