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How To Reduce Android App Size?

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Android applications have become an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day life and the better the user experience (UE) more the demand for it. People are spending several hours of their day indulged using applications on their smart mobile phones. In order to make them more efficient, there are several ways which tell how to reduce android app size, that is as mentioned below:

How To Reduce Android App Size?

Here are some of the best ways to reduce the size of Android Apps, check out them:

How to reduce the size of Android App

  1. Reducing the Image Size
  2. Using Vector Graphics
  3. Reduce the Resource by Enabling Shrinking
  4. Using Android App Bundles
  5. Reducing the Native and Java Codebase Sizes
  6. Debug Libraries can be Removed
  7. Image Optimization

1) Reducing the Image Size

The first point on how to reduce the size of Android Apps. The image sizes can be reduced and the PNGs, BMPs, and JPEGs can be converted to WebP format.

This conversion will not compromise the quality of the image but will considerably reduce the size of it.

The WebP format will provide transparency (like PNG) as well as lossy compression (like JPEG), which will provide better compression than PNG & JPEG.

2) Using Vector Graphics

Vector drawables can be used in place of simple images to reduce the size and utilize the space efficiently in the project.

3) Reduce the Resource by Enabling Shrinking

This is one of the important ways to decrease the size of the Android app. Unnecessary resources can be identified and can be removed from the project which is not being used anywhere in it.

This can be enabled in the build.gradle file by adding the below lines:

buildTypes {



//Add the following//

shrinkResources true

minifyEnabled true proguardFiles


} } }

4) Using Android App Bundles

Supporting more devices while reducing the APK size is the most innovative way of reducing the overall APP size. This can be achieved by using the Android app bundle.

App size with the Android app bundles can be reduced in 2 ways:

-> By using the configuration APK

-> Dynamic delivery for on-demand features

5) Reducing the Native and Java Codebase Sizes

This can be done at the programmer level in several ways:

-> Enumeration avoidance: This can be done by using the @IntDef annotation and ProGuard to remove enumerations and hence convert them to integers.

-> Minimizing the size of native binaries.

-> Removing the unnecessary code that is automatically generated.

6) Debug Libraries can be Removed

It can be done by using the debugCompile while testing the debug apk. This will optimize the use of space and hence reduce the app size.

7) Image Optimization

The images can be optimized by using optimizers like TinyPNG, OptiPNG, etc to appropriately use the image space in the app.


So these were some of the ways that tell you how to reduce Android App size. Android apps are the emerging technology of the present and coming future and hence need more enhancement to provide their best to the users. So by reducing the size of the app, you can encourage more people to download it on their smartphones. By using the above-listed ways, one can reduce the size of an app and can increase the efficiency

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