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How implementing micro interactions in your mobile app design can make a big difference

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The app you have designed may be amazing with a good design and good story. But at times that is not enough since the way in which we access our information has now changed. More number of people now use their mobile devices to access the Internet than before. In fact this year (2015) was the year where the total number of mobile users using the Internet crossed that those using Internet from PC thus making the mobile platform the hot favourite when it comes to accessing the Internet.

Micro-Interactions is the optimal solution:

Every recipe has a secret ingredient; It is safe to apply the same concept to mobile design as well. Although in terms of mobile app development, the secret ingredient is the technique called Micro-Interactions.

Main features of Micro-Interactions:

  • It keeps the users engaged.

  • Easier to create an addictive app.

  • Create designs that keep the users engaged.

Micro-Interactions are better defined as small though highly effective moments. Here are few examples:

  • A text message flashing across the screen for any one of the following:

    • Turn to play the game

    • Skip a song in traffic

    • Changing course in high traffic

Hence here is how we define a Micro-Interaction:

  • It is a single task based engagement with a device.

  • Most interactions are barely noticeable and subtle but they are always helpful.

  • A small moment designed to quickly communicate a status or short feedback.

  • An easy way to visualise the results of any action.

  • Make it easier for the user to interact with the screen.

  • Makes it easier to remain in sync too.

How is it done?

  • The micro interaction designed needs to survive being used over and over again. Hence the app should be designed so that it keeps up with the time ad is timeless.

  • With micro interactions, it is necessary to keep it simple and straightforward. The typography should be clear, the colors used should be vibrant and the design should be structured.

  • As far as adding the information goes, no more information than should be added than necessary.

  • The design should be very human and the message should be like dealing with a human and not a machine such that it also includes emotion.

  • The tone should be correct so that it feels respectful.

  • Keep it fun but be moderate.

  • Micro Interactions can also be designed to evolve over time. As an example let us consider an alarm. The alarm gets louder as you hit the snooze.

  • Over designing the micro interactions and stuffing them with more content or fancy design than necessary usually means the death of it.

Mobile App Development with Alakmalak:

Micro Interactions are the key component to app design. These components help create are useful in more ways than one by contributing to the functionality and doing it is a subtle but noticeable manner.

At Alakmalak we do recognize the value of Micro Interaction and how it can be used towards making better and more efficient websites to satisfy our client’s requirements.

Alakmalak is one of the leading Web Development firms around. They are a well-established firm that offer several IT solutions. They also have dedicated resources for all the services that are provided. Having developed over 2000 projects in the span of approximately 10 years they are still going strong and expanding. Their client retention ration says a lot about their quality of work as well.

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  • How micro interactions in your mobile app design can make a big difference

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