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Hiring a Cost-Effective and Bugs Free Web App Development Consultancy – Ruby on Rails (RoR)

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How to get bug free and cost-effective app development with Web development Consulting.

Hiring a Cost-Effective and Bugs - Free Web App Development Consultancy

With many of the startups, there have always come many hurdles to cross to get into a huge successful zone of it. Amongst them, one can be getting your first application developed by the right agency with the right technology and comfortable services.

Ruby on Rails has been one of the most liked and accepted part of startups’ web application development part. It not only has been accepted by people but it is one of the fastest growing technology and is considered to be a better market fit framework compared to others.

There are many ways through which you can learn how to choose a cost-effective and highly reliable consultancy for developing the application in Ruby on Rails.

Below is the checklist that will give you a list of factors to consider before starting:

  1. Years of Experience
  2. Technologies involved
  3. Project management efficiency
  4. Practice of Quality Testing
  5. Cost-effectiveness & budget management

1. Years of Experience

  • A consultancy’s work experience and establishment show how the company has worked on for many years and how much experience they have of their work.
  • By knowing a company’s years of experience with the rapidly evolving technology gives an absolute idea of their efficiency and reviews from other customers will let you know their way of working.

2. Technologies Involved

  • The number of technologies on which a company works and handles their projects directly reflects how much pressure and the complexity of your project can be handled by them and you can get to know if that’s the desired consultancy you are looking for or not.
  • If the consultancy has accepted the Ruby on Rails (RoR) technology far earlier and have worked on it for more than know years, then you know that this can be a good choice for your application development.

3. Project Management Efficiency

  • The efficiency of handling the projects in a consultancy plays a major role in qualifying it for one of the best consultancies who can complete your project on time with the utmost responsibility.
  • The efficiency can be measured through various factors of handling a project like a timeline given for completion, the scope of work, wireframe making procedure, design trends they follow or have adapted, development process and your involvement along with your feedbacks for the steps they need, etc.
  • Project management team of the consultancy can guide you through the whole procedure that they follow and you can make sure that the efficient steps are being followed or not.

4. Practice of Quality Testing

  • After the completion of a project’s development stage, there comes a stage where the created project will be tested with the utmost accuracy of delivering the desired output by the customer.
  • If a company fully satisfies the needs of a customer with every aspect of the project and delivers it bugs-free, then what other things a customer can want from a consultancy? Cost-effective and bug-free development of a project completes every customer’s dream and if the consultancy can give that assurance, then grab the opportunity and hire that consultancy.

5. Cost – Effectiveness & Budget Management

  • Ruby on Rails (RoR) technology is a cost-effective technology to build your app and the budget that you have decided can be matched with the estimation cost given by the consultancy for developing the project.
  • Quality should always be chosen above the quantity. A little over the budget price by the consultancy in exchange for quality of work is worth a shot.
  • Efficiency judgment can be used to know whether the quality promised by the consultancy is deliverable by them or not and hence can be the deciding factor for hiring the consultancy or not.


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a widely accepted technology for app development by most of the startup companies and almost every other consultancies provide this technology to its customers.

So, choosing a consultancy that gives you a combination of cost-effectiveness and bug-free development will be the best to go with.

Why Choose Alakmalak?

Why Choose Alakmalak?

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