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Do iOS apps still have the upper edge over Android Apps ?

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

 Do iOS apps still have the upper edge over Android Apps?

Historically iOS apps have been better than the Android ones. The Android apps have been playing catch up since quite a while, at the same time the Apple devices already had an operating system that was feature rich hence the apps were full with feature too. This not the case now since there are a great many devices that do support the Android Operating system and as a mobile OS, the Android Operating System is now also packed with great many features. Here are a few facts and information about the two major mobile operating systems that still hold true.

How iOS apps and Android apps compare with each other:


  • Several studies conducted on the development of mobiles apps using Android OS and iOS show that the Android apps take longer to develop.
  • These studies also displayed an interesting fact that the Android Apps usually have more lines of code than the iOS apps.
  • A very common issue usually faced by most developers when developing applications is the version of the operating system and to maintain backward compatibility.
  • With the Apple iOS, their devices usually have a limitation and can only be upgraded to a certain iOS. Then there comes a time when if it is required to purchase the latest Apple device, be it the iPhone, iPod or iPad to be able to enjoy the features of that latest iOS.
  • The iOS apps developed thus are likely to be feature rich and support the latest operating system which almost all the Apple devices would be compatible with, except the really old relics.
  • The deal with the Android Operating System is that have several devices running several different versions of their operating system.
  • While Apple is the sole manufacturer of the Apple devices and hence have a uniform set of features, the Android devices are manufactured by several firms. This results in support for different features, different operating systems including different screen sizes.
  • The Android developers developing apps thus need to take into account the fact that their App needs to be backward compatible with older Android versions. In addition to which they also need to consider that every device does not have the same features, from screen size to other advanced features. Thus there is a great degree of segmentation in terms of Android OS version.
  • In terms of development tools, the those available for Apple iOS apps are better in many way with the Apple one, Xcode being a full-fledged developing environment.
The Verdict:


There are many pros and cons for the Android Apps and thus still safe to say that the iOS apps do have an upper edge over the Android apps.

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