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How to Avoid Common Website Development Mistakes?

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Many websites are published each day; but are all those websites going to be attracting their desired level of traffic. The main aim of developing a website is to be able to reach out to many people and make sure many people visit the website and gain the necessary knowledge or in the case of eCommerce websites become your customer. To ensure this several common errors should be avoided.

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Because at the end of the day by making sure you get the small things right you are constructing a good and useful website that will provide the visitor with a fruitful experience.

There are many websites developed and published daily; out of which many suffer from common mistakes that could in effect nullify the effectiveness of the website.

This article is thus all about the mistakes that should be avoided during website development in India and anywhere for that matter.

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Common Web Design Mistakes

Lack of Accessibility:

1. The very basic requirement of your website is that it be accessible to all. This is in context to the enumerable web browsers, equipment, and operating systems that are used to surf the web these days.

2. The mobile revolution kicking in the number of people using a smartphone is on the rise and all those people utilize many smart features one of them being surfing the internet on their mobile device. Thus if they are unable to view the website made for the desktop on their small screens then they tend to get irritated quickly and ditch the website for another one.

3. It is also necessary to be aware of how your website is loading and presenting itself on the various browsers, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari to name a few.

4. In addition to which many people are also using the older versions of the browsers and thus they too need to be supported or tested for accessibility.

5. Responsive Design that is Compatible with All Device Screen Sizes. Bad User Experience will increase bounce rate due to which Conversion Rates will get decreased.

6. If the website is incompatible with Mobile-First Indexing or Non-Responsive Design then it will affect Search Engine Rankings.

FAQ Section:

Many web developers do not include a FAQ section on their website. It is often overlooked by developers and the user’s end of clueless as on some of the basic issues related to the website. This can be one of the most frustrating times for a user who expects to have everything available to him to make his surfing experience a fruitful one.

On the other hand, good relevant information provided on strategic and functional topics will provide a good impression of the website, and sometimes that is all that counts towards gaining a new customer; a good first impression.

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Contact Information:

Contact information is one of the most visited pages on the internet of any given website. It is common human nature to first check the contact information prior t to purchasing to check credibility.

In addition to which this is also true for information and business websites where users are usually curious as to where they are located.


1. Multimedia sounds and audio should never be set to automatically play on the website. These things not only take longer to load thus slowing down the website and thus affecting the performance, but they are also irritating and often leave the users surprised or shocked regarding the source of the sound.

2. a website will rarely have sound and if that is set to auto-start the visitors are usually left wondering as to which one of their browsers or tabs is making the noise.

Excessive Effects:

1. Flash is one good technique to get the message across graphically and quickly.

2. It is also useful in attracting the visitor’s attention. But there is something like too much flash. That is when the websites use very big flash files (big in size) which take a very long time to load; besides which they do not even have a loader informing the visitors of the fact that something is being loaded.

3. Visitors to websites are usually not very patient people and thus such kinds of multimedia graphics should usually be avoided.

Poor Navigation:

1. The website navigation is of utmost importance. Thus the website navigation should be organized in a manner that is of a standard convention.

2. The web developer needs to stick to the proper standards and trends and use good graphic interface elements to design the website. It should never be hard for the user to find the ‘home’ and ‘contact us’ links.

3. In addition to which there should always be a site map to guide the user of the number of pages on the website and how it is organized.

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  • How to avoid common web development mistakes?

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