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Capitalizing on Video adverts within Mobile Games

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Developing a great mobile game is one this and managing or marketing it is another. There are quite a few able and popular mobile game developers around who have the resources to develop fabulous games. Once created, there are several methods to publish the game; it can be done by making it available in the App market as a paid game or as a free one. Additionally, by making it available as a free one, it is still possible to capitalize financially by placing adverts at strategic sections of the game.

When it comes to placing adverts there are several options. Video adverts are usually more effective than other formats and hence are more popular. However, it is also important to place these video adverts strategically so that the game play is not affected. The proper placement of video adverts is more important than you can imagine and can be a deciding factor in whether your game is successful or not.

Types of Advertisements (Video):

Here are some general facts about video advertisements:

  • There are two types of video advertisements:

    • Forced Video Advert

    • Unforced Video Advert

  • There is an unofficial standard for the video length of the advert. The video adverts inserted are usually either 15 to 30 seconds in length.

  • There are also two ways to implement the videos:

    • Voluntary

    • Involuntary

Forced vs Un-Forced Adverts:

Here are the general facts on the types of adverts which may help decide on where and in which method you can place your video adverts in your game:

  • Forced video adverts do not allow the player to skip the advert unlike the un-forced ones.

  • The way in which the video adverts work is the more the views the more the revenue is generated for the mobile game owner.

  • Hence a forced advert will generate more revenue than the unforced advert.

  • At the same time the game with unforced adverts will provide a better user experience.

Voluntary Vs Involuntary Adverts:

Depending on your marketing strategy there are two ways in which the adverts can be implemented:

  • Voluntary advert being the one that the user has to manually initiate and one viewed by the gamer they may be virtually rewarded.

  • The involuntary ones on the other hand are those that automatically play and are usually placed at the end of a game level.

Integrating the video adverts in the right places:

There are several natural breakpoints in every gameplay where it is ideal to insert the video:

  • Pre-Gameplay

  • During Gameplay

  • Post-Gameplay

The ideal place for every game is different. For example, if it is a multi-level game there is an opportunity to place the advert during gameplay although between levels. However, it is also possible to place the advert post gameplay in order to give player to watch the video advert and earn some extra points or game coins.

The rewarding system is used in many games where in the player is able to earn game coins on watching the video adverts. These game coins can then be used to buy new weapons or unlock new features as per the nature of the game. It is important to note that generally there would also be several other methods of getting the coins like by purchasing it with real money or earing on completion of level.

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