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Mobile Apps Development

An introduction to Mobile Game Development

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

Mobile Application Development

The mobile game app development is now a popular and advanced as the classic computer games development and it is also equally complicated. A typical mobile game is likely to have high complexity and require the programmers and graphics designers to put in long hours to do so.

A typical development team would be as below:

  • Game Screen writer

  • Lead Programmer

  • Programmer

  • Designer

  • 3D Designer

  • Animator

  • Tester

Stages of mobile game development:

The development of any game no matter how simple does require a definite method and direction. That said an average mobile game with a few levels or a small challenge can get quite complicated. Hence a well-defined development stage is always recommended during the development of a mobile gaming application.

The various stages of the development of a mobile game are described below.

Scriptwriting is very important and is often considered the backbone of the entire game from scratch. The script is what creates the main story of the game and is used by the game designers. It takes into account the characteristics and capabilities of the mobile device and defines a gameplay script with a well-defined list of features. It also defines the targeted audience at the same time.

Designing the game and getting it right is crucial. The game designers are the people who create the overall structure of the game. They use their creativity to generate the visually appealing element of the game. This is often what gives the game design the extra edge. It includes designing how the characters in the game look and also the designing of all the game levels.

Programming of the game leads to the creation of a wonderful game with all bells and whistles. There are several frameworks and languages available to make the game in. Depending on which one is selected the game programmer needs to develop the game with tact and skill so that it is highly optimized for speed and at the same time is challenging. The programming needs to take care of multiple gameplay scenarios and take into consideration the reactions and expectations of the gamer to provide a satisfying experience to the gamer.

Mobile game testing is highly important too. The way it works is the tester will get a copy of the completed game or a beta version with almost all features completed. The beta tester will then check the gameplay and normal features of the game and look for any anomalies or breaks in the game. The tester will then also go further to check the game as per the initial requirements and make sure there is a match.

Mobile Game Development with Alakmalak:

Alakmalak is a Web Development firm that has completed over 2000 successful projects, besides which they have also developed some stunning apps and are actively involved in iOS and Android apps.

They are also involved in mobile game development and have all the necessary resources for the same. Alakmalak has a team of skilled mobile game developers. One of the added advantages of selecting Alakmalak is that they are involved in providing services of several technologies. Hence there are plenty of resources for every project taken up and at any point in time, to make sure of timely delivery of a project.

  • introduction to Mobile Game Development
  • Stages of mobile game development

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