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16 Common Website Mistakes Revealed Via Website Auditing By Experts

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

16 Common Website Mistakes Revealed Via Website Auditing By Experts

Many times the mere opening of a Website does not give the required results as proper strategies to attract people are not followed. Here, the common mistakes which are often made in Website are discussed which should be avoided to make websites more effective.

No Proper Call to Action

Use of call to action or CTA motivates the audience to take meaningful steps towards becoming a client for your Business. Most important factors that go in favor of a selection of call to action buttons are:

• Call to Action can motivate sales

• CTA’s are a great boost to the success of digital advertising

Customers like and want Call to Action

Call to Action buttons are normally larger by 20% than the company logo and help to draw the attention of the users easily. Examples of Call to Action Buttons that are frequently used in successful websites are “Join Now”, “See More”, Sign Up”, etc.

Join Us

Lack of Content Distribution [Duplicate Content]

Lack of proper distribution of content and duplicity in contents is a very common phenomenon for the failure of websites.

The considerable damage that duplicate content can do for a website is:

Capability to choose a particular page for ranking is lost.

Unique and authentic contents are always preferred by search engines.

Missing Customers Testimonials & Clients Portfolio / Case Study

A big challenge for running a Business successfully is to earn the trust of the potential customers. In order to prove that the services of the Business really works or the products are reliable case studies can be a great help.
You can display a customer testimonial picture and add a call to action button like “Try Sam Today” or “Business starts here”, etc. customer testimonial and case studies can have three positive developments:

58% more likelihood of conversion

Site revenue can increase by 62%

Value per order may increase by more than 3%

Suitable quotations can make the display of case studies more meaningful and an example of a quote is as follows:

The people here work hard and smart to bring delight to the customers.

Missing sections for Pricing

Most people feel frustrated when they cannot locate the price for a service or a product on a website. Pricing display can help in the following ways:

It helps to qualify leads

Saves the time of the sales team

Increases transparency in communication

Business becomes more trustworthy

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is concerned with the optimization of Website pages, structures, tags and titles, contents, etc. Also, onsite SEO can be positively influenced by the inbound links from very well known and respected external websites.

Use of Jargon May be Fatal

Companies sometimes become overenthusiastic in displaying a lot of technical languages and jargons to impress the customers. Instead, the use of call to action buttons, product prospects, a demo of products and services, customer reviews, etc can make acceptability better.

Migration to HTTPS and Page Duplication

Most of the sites are now switching to SSL certifications and HTTP sites are getting changed to HTTPS. However, you have to make sure that switching to HTTPS does not affect your site performance.

Make sure that the 301 redirects are working properly to redirect the HTTP version of your earlier website to the new HTTPS version.

Page Loading Time

The high speed of page loading is very important to earn customer satisfaction and be a deciding factor for the success of a website. The slow speed of page means:

Search engines can crawl fewer numbers of pages than allocated in the crawl budget.

Negatively impact the indexation speed of the pages.

Adversely impact the customer experience.

Theme or Color Combination

For attracting visitors to a website and to maintain the interest of the visitors the style and the look of the website should be attractive. For this an excellent website theme with the collect combination is essential which will include:

The size and the type of the fonts used in the webpage.

The scheme for the color used to increase the aesthetic aspect.

Missing Social Media Icons/Links

The new standard for promoting brands is the use of social networking which helps a Business reach millions of followers easily. A few featured sharing buttons of popular social network sites is a very useful way to make a Business popular.

Poor Internal Linking and Site Architecture

Unless the users are able to locate the relevant pages while navigating in your website, the website will not yield the desired result. Internal linking with proper arrangements in the site architecture which lead to a good navigation to locate the relevant information makes a good website.

Buying Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important factor for SEO and high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites will make the domain stronger. Website owners are continuously trying to improve online presence through the provision of quality backlinks which helps to earn prominent page ranking in Google.

User Navigation Missing

Usability and SEO for a website are highly related to the type of navigational ability in a site and helps Google to crawl and index a website easily. As per Industry standard, a user should spend an average time of 2 to 3 minutes on a good website.

A few important things which may improve the user navigation of a website are as follows:

Consistency in site architecture and designing.

Categories should be divided clearly.

Navigation titles need to be accurate.

All navigation elements should have clickable links

Clickable images should have ALT text.

The search feature on the website should work properly.

Lack of Unique Keyword Targeting

There is no use cramming your web pages with unnecessary keyword and keyword phrases. The customers need to be addressed with thoughtful and relevant content with the right keyword and keyword phrases.

Your Website is Not Responsive

The need of the day is to go for responsive website design which can adjust according to screen size and operating system easily.

Missing Home/Landing Page User Experience / Design Layout

Homepage/Landing page is arguably among the most important requirement for a successful Website. Excellent design layout and user experiences are essential to make a Website popular among the customers.

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