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PHP Web Development

10 Amazing PHP Development Tools that every efficient PHP Developer must use

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah


Web developers these days prefer to use PHP for the development of websites and apps.

There are plenty of reasons due to which developers and development services are preferring PHP these days. This includes reasons like proper documentation, scripts that are ready to use, a well-the supported framework, etc.

For developing an innovative and engaging website that has the best features the developer has to choose the right PHP  Development tool. Now there are so many tools in the market that the developer is bound to get confused. To get rid of these confusions the developers use a command line or xDebug locally or remotely.

So, we have picked up the 10 best PHP development tools that every developer must pick!


This tool is light in weight and it is very fast. It has features like Code Completion, Code re-arranger, etc. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms, and the languages it supports are PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C++, Integrated development environment, and C#.

Zend Studio:

Writing code with this tool is easy and it is also known for its speed. It has features like Indexing, Docker support, searching PHP code, code validator. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS and the languages it supports are PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C++, and C#.

NuSphere PhpED:

This is NuSphere's proprietary tool and it comes with an advanced PHP editor, profiler, etc. It provides support for composite file extensions and it has features like parallel debugging etc. It supports platforms like Windows, Web, Mac, Linux, iPad, and the languages that it supports are PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, Python, and JavaScript.

Cloud 9:

This is a wide range PHP tool is best for creating serverless apps. It has features like language analysis in real-time, an integrated debugger, a built-in image editor, etc. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, cloud platform, and Solaris platforms and supports PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, and HTML5 languages.

Aptana Studio:

This tool is known for its amazing performance and it has features like customization of IDE, GIT integration, peer collaboration, etc. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Plugin for Eclipse platforms and it support PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, and Ruby on Rails languages.


This tool is from the software company CodeLobster and it supports different popular PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter. It has features like SQL manager, highlighting of syntax, etc.


XAMPP is the short form for the cross-platform Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. This lightweight tool is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The developers can use a command line or xDebug together locally and remotely. (

Eclipse PDT:

This is a complete tool that gives the developer the option to choose from several plugins. It has features like Formatting of code,  code navigation, source code editors, etc.


This is a very popular tool for PHP app development. It has features like smart code completion, code formatting, etc, syntax highlighter, etc. The languages that it supports are PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, and HTML5. It is compatible with Windows, Mac operating systems, Linux, and Solaris platforms.

Sublime Text:

In a PHP development environment, this tool is used as a test code editor. It has features like Split editing, Plugin API, custom UI toolkit, etc and it supports all languages. Next time you want to select the best tools for PHP just refer to this list as it will make your task easy.

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