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How to Install ZenCart Engine?

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

Zen Cart is versatile ecommerce software which is very popular. It has a great many modules and functionality installed as a part of the basic installation. In addition to which it is also possible to extend the functionality by adding new modules and adding new modules manually. You may need to Hire a Zen Cart developer if you wish to make additional changes to the Zen Cart so as to incorporate your own ideas and style into the shopping cart. The installation procedure for the Zen Cart is quite simple and user friendly and is explained as below.

1. You first need to download the latest Zen Cart from the website

Download the Latest Zen Cart

Download the latest Zen Cart
2. In the case where you require the older version of Zen Cart (this is highly unadvisable) it they are also available from the Zen Cart website.

3. Once downloaded you need to use these file to install the Zen Cart.

4. If installing on server then you will first need to upload the compressed Zen Cart file to your server and then extract it.

5. Now use the browser to go to the address where the Zen Cart has been uploaded. This can be uploaded to a folder if required.

6. Once you go to the installation page you will see the Zen Cart page where it says ‘Click here to begin the installation’.

Click Here to Begin the Installation

Click here to begin the installation
7. Click on that link and it will bring you to the next page with information about Zen Cart where you need to press the Continue button.

Check the Agree Radio Button

Check the agree radio button
8. This will lead to the ‘Licence and agreement’ page which you have to accept and move forward.

9. The next step shows list basic requirements for the Zen Cart and it also states whether your system matches the requirements. Make sure all is green at least the ones that are required to be green and continue.

Click Install Button at the Bottom of the Screen

click Install button at the bottom of the screen
10. The next step is the database setup, where you need to enter you database information. But first you must create the database. You can do that from the control panel of you web server. First select the database module and create a database and then create the corresponding user and password for that particular database.

Save Admin Settings

Save Admin Settings
11. This information need to be added into Zen Cart which accepts the database host name, user name, password and the database name.

Save Store Settings

Save Store Settings
12. At the System setup step you need to mention your preference of SSL certificate. If you are not sure it is best left unchecked since you will require SSL installed on the server to be able to use it.

13. The next step is the store setup where you will enter the name of the store as well as the store country and region. It is possible to install the store demo at the bottom of the same page. Installing the store demo can be a good place to start the Zen Cart if you are a novice. It provides sample data which acts as a good example of how things work with the Zen Cart.

Save Database Setting

Save Database Setting
14. The last page is the Administrator Account setup page where you can create the admin account login information. Once that is done you are setup to use the Zen Cart.

You Have Successful Installed Zen Cart

You have Successful installed Zen Cart
15. There should be two links being displayed, one for the front end and the other for the back end.

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  • How to Install ZenCart Engine?

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