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What should you choose for your business? WooCommerce or OpenCart?

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For your online business to prosper, you need to choose the right ecommerce platform.  But the market is flooded with numerous platforms, and it can be a tough task to choose the right one. WooCommerce and OpenCart are among the most popular e-commerce platforms. OpenCart Marketplace says it has over 13,000 free and premium themes and extensions you can add to your store. With 4+ million active installs, WooCommerce is the most popular, flexible, and customizable eCommerce solution online.

Not sure which of the two you must use? Then let us compare WooCommerce and OpenCart to make it easier for you to choose the right e-commerce solution for your business.

SEO capabilities:

The success of your online business depends in a big way on the Google search rankings. You can take advantage of the numerous extensions and plugins. When it comes to SEO, WooCommerce is one of the best platforms. In WooCommerce, the customization of on-page SEO, adding of meta description from the backend is possible. OpenCart will give you basic SEO features. Yes, it is an SEO friendly platform, but WooCommerce is surely better than OpenCart. It delivers everything you need to launch your online store out of the box. With this e-commerce platform, the user may not be able to make certain important SEO changes with ease.

Huge support communities:

You can install and use WooCommerce for free. However, there is no direct support available in the case of WooCommerce. But you will find documentation, video tutorials that can be useful. You can also raise a support ticket on their website, and of course, there is a huger support community out there that is willing to lend a helping hand.

OpenCart also has documentation, video tutorials, and you can also get support from the forum. For dedicated support, you need to opt for their paid services. WooCommerce also offers more than 100 different payment gateway that you can integrate with the help of plugins. WooCommerce may not have direct support, but the community support is so huge that you will not find any problems for getting support. For OpenCart dedicated support, you
have to be ready to shell out money.

Ease of installation:

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. So, you can install it with ease. It is free, and the installation is not complicated. If you have zero technical knowledge or experience, you can install WooCommerce quickly and get your e-commerce started.

In the case of OpenCart, there are 2 options for the installation. OpenCart is an open-source platform and free to install. One is a one-click installer, and there are some charges for the same. The second option is of manual installation. But as compared to WooCommerce, the installation of OpenCart is

Pricing matters:

Both are open-source, and both are free solutions. But there are some additional costs that you have to take into consideration. OpenCart has free and paid services, and it is found to be a cost-effective option as compared to the other shopping carts.
WooCommerce is also a free solution, but to get the best results, you may have to purchase the paid plugins of WooCommerce.

Customization into a pleasurable experience:

WooCommerce is integrated with WordPress, and it is a PHP-based plugin. You can easily modify and customize WooCommerce as per your business requirements. In the case of OpenCart, also customization is possible. But in both the case for the customization, you will need help from experts.


Both WooCommerce and OpenCart are very good open-source e-Commerce platforms. From the point of view of SEO capability, ease of installation, and community support, WooCommerce is surely a much better option as compared to OpenCart.


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