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Why use Angular JS?

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Why choose Angular JS?

Angular JS is a framework that is mainly used for dynamic web applications. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks this does not depend on external libraries; however, it is possible to extend functionality via third party libraries. The advantages of using Angular JS being that it reduces the code one needs to write by a big margin while allowing to extend the HTML’s syntax. Angular JS is often related to creating special purpose, one page apps. The fact of the matter is that you can use Angular JS to build just about any kind of app. There are several features that make this very appealing as listed here:

  • Two Way binding

  • Templating

  • RESTful API handling

  • Modularization

  • AJAX handling

  • Dependency Injection

Using Angular JS:

Angular JS becomes easier if you understand the MVC (Model view Controller) structure. The learn curve for this is not very high either.

Angular JS has several directives that can be used with the HTML tags itself. Hence this this way now new tags or code needs to be invented. Some of the main directives used are:

  • ng-show and ng-hide: This is used to toggle element visibility

  • ng-class

  • ng-animate

Practical Usage of Angular JS:

Angular JS can be used in several methods. For example, it can be used to create a navigation menu. A menu is something that every website requires irrespective of whether it is a multipage website or a single page one. The single page websites are also rich with information and the menu is used to connect to deeper links on the same page.

Angular JS can make things interesting by including clever animation effects. It does so with the help of simple CSS, HTML and of course JavaScript.

Single page websites have grown in popularity recently and are used in several applications. Angular JS use to a great extent in such single page websites which provide a more fluid experience, making it seem more like a desktop experience and less like a web experience.

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  • Why use Angular JS?
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