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Why Do People Think Magento Web Development is a Good Idea?

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The advent of Internet has literally brought the world at your fingertips – in fact, nowadays you actually do not need to leave house to fulfil most of your needs. This is made possible by rapid development of eCommerce and its proportionately increasing influence in our lives. A recent survey with fairly large sample size from all over the world has shown that over 59% of the participants have made purchases from online shops like Amazon or TMall.
So, It becomes imperative for businesses to be present online with their products and services. In order to do so, you need the perfect platform that can fulfill all your eCommerce needs. Recently, Magento has emerged as the preferred choice among most developers and online shop owners. Read on to find out why.

Why Do People Think Magento Web Development is a Good Idea?

The seven reasons explained below will surely help business owner to make a decision and switch to the most opted E-Commerce platform – Magento.

  1. You get peerless customization options and tools
  2. You can manage inventory with its Application Programming Interface (API)
  3. Offers perfect solution for both developers and online store owners
  4. Has extension for solving development problems
  5. Offers Digital marketing Assistant
  6. Helps to plan with available data
  7. Magento is mobile-friendly

1. You get peerless customization options and tools

Top Magento designers and developers love its unmatchable customization features. Using this platform, you can design your own unique eCommerce store which takes care of all your specifics needs. Magento is compatible with other eCommerce tools like Google Analytics, Hot Jar and others – moreover you can integrate all of them in one platform here.

2. You can manage inventory with its Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface

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Any efficient eCommerce platform will require a robust inventory management system and Magento provides a separate API for the same. With this tool, you can pre-program all inventory routines, protocols and tools to build and manage your online store’s inventory. Its open-source architecture makes it easy to develop and update inventory lists and even physically scan product codes.

3. Offers perfect solution for both developers and online store owners

Magento is preferred by developers due to its compatibility with both Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectures. Thus, it empowers a skilled Magento Web Development Company to showcase its talent while taking care of its client’s specific needs. On the other hand, novice developers can make use of its easy-to-use guides and pre-made modules to set up a perfectly working eCommerce store.

4. Has extension for solving development problems

Magento Extensions

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Another highly useful feature or developers in Magento is its highly active and fully functional marketplace where they can look for various add-on applications to fine tune the eCommerce store. These extensions are fully tested by experts and are ready to be used, making it easy for developers to fully harness its capabilities according to your particular requirement.

5. Offers Digital marketing Assistant

Magento has a distinct edge over other eCommerce store development platforms in that it provides an in-built digital marketing assistant. Also, since the platform is open-source, this is a great way for store owners to keep track and manage its online traffic. This real-time data enables them to closely monitor relevant optimal figures and decide upon corrective actions in case of deviations.

6.  Helps to plan with available data

This eCommerce platform can keep detailed records of customer’s purchase history. Magento can even show you a buyer’s wish-lists, searches and purchase details at any time. These kinds of periodic data analysis are important for eCommerce store owners to keep track of their business and take corrective measures, which is taken care of by Magento.

7.  Magento is mobile-friendly

Magento web development India or any other eCommerce platform worth its salt cannot ignore the importance of mobile applications today. Currently, over two-thirds of Google searches are conducted through smartphone browsers. Magento provides excellent mobile compatibility with features such as drag-drop, zoom and slide for eCommerce websites, enabling them to be easily navigable on mobile screens.

Magento Development


Thus, Magento can easily become the one-stop solution for all your eCommerce needs while setting up an online store. The open source platform with a vibrant add-on marketplace, compatibility with different programming architectures, high degree of flexibility, endless customization possibilities, digital marketing interface and mobile-friendliness makes Magento the preferred choice of both developers and online store owners.

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Rushik Shah 08 January , 2020


  1. Great article!
    Really, Magento is easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins.
    It’s an open-source technology that offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

  2. Thanks for sharing the article.
    Great job.

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