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Which is Better AngularJS or ReactJS?

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is mainly used for the front end of a website. It has an amazing ability to be integrated seamlessly with a database using JSON. It has been designed using the MVC architecture to develop rich internet applications. AngularJS is currently being maintained by Google and also by a community of individuals and corporations.

On the other hand, ReactJS has been developed by Facebook (a developer at Facebook) and is now currently being maintained by Facebook and a community of individuals and corporations. ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is used to build the user interface for websites. It is quite popular when it comes to the development of single page websites.

Which is better AngularJS or ReactJS?

Comparing AngularJS & ReactJS

Both AngularJS and ReactJS are used to develop the front end of the website. A number of developers are making use of JavaScript while developing websites either using PHP or DotNET. JavaScript and jQuery were being used extensively for a long time, however, over the years several JavaScript frameworks came into existence to meet the growing requirements of the developers.

There are a small number of developers who do not use any JavaScript Framework, an even smaller number of developers who use their self-made JavaScript framework. While a large percentage of developers make use of third-party JavaScript frameworks.

Here is How They Compare:

  • AngularJS makes us of the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. Since it makes use of MVC structure it is easy for the developers to create different modules and work separately. Additionally, it is also easy to incorporate external modules and integrate all of these modules automatically. The AngujarJS framework makes use of HTML and JavaScript to develop the interface.
  • ReactJS, on the other hand, has a greater level of adaptability. ReactJS makes use of JSK for the development of the user interface. This is an extension to JavaScript and is similar to a template language. It has the full power of JavaScirpt and hence is capable of producing stunning results. The page rendering logic is deeply integrated with the UI logic and needs to deal with how the data is prepared for the page to display. This fact is taken into consideration in the ReactJS library making the development of the front end more efficient.
  • AngularJS implements the POJO model (plain old JavaScirpt Objects) which is a big advantage. There is lesser code to write and the data binding makes it easier to move the data.
  • Many believe ReactJS has a lot to offer which will come to light in the near future. It makes use of ECMAScript 6 and 7 of which version 7 is still under development.
  • AngluarJS has a great many more features like filters, unit testing, easy DOM Manipulation and context-aware communication.
  • Rect has several good features too like server-side communication, light railing for applications, asynchronous functions & generators, flux library, etc.

AngularJS has a great many more features to develop the front end for websites and hence is usually the preferred solution by the majority of the website developers. On the other hand, ReactJS works well with special applications developed with the help of NodeJS. Hence although AngularJS is currently more popular and ReactJS is fast catching up. At the same time, it is already the preferred technology for several applications that require the greater level of networking.

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