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Which eCommerce software to choose for custom module development – Magento, PrestaShop, or OpenCart ?

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What is Module Development?

A module is an encapsulation of custom code in order to implement a functionality. It can have an interface of its own that allows one to access the functionality in a custom manner. It can be developed in a way that makes it possible to couple it to other modules or interface. However, it is usually developed as a complete package so that it can be reused.

Benefits of a module:

  • A module is a small program that provides a specific functionality and hence has fewer bugs.
  • It is easier to understand the algorithm of a module.
  • The benefits of using modules for functionality is that each module can be handled independently by different programmers; thus speeding up the development process.
  • Testing is important, and it is easier to test a module than an entire program.

custom module development - Magento, PrestaShop, or OpenCart

Creating modules in Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart:

Every eCommerce software has a different method of developing their modules. Each open source software also has different names for modules like extensions, plug-ins, components, etc.

Magento follows the MVC structure and hence it is easy to develop a module with Magento. To create a module, you need create a controller and also create the layout in the view folder for the template. The business logic can also be in a different file.

PrestaShop too has an object oriented structure. In order to create a module, it requires you to create the layout (template) files in the view folder. A different set of files are required for the admin section of the module. There is also the controller which needs to be developed for the new module. PrestaShop allows to override the default functionality as well if necessary. It follows a strict coding standard as well.

OpenCart makes it easy to develop new modules to increase the functionality of the eCommerce platform. It follows an objected oriented structure. In order to create a module, you will need to develop a controller, view and model for every module. This helps create the functionality, the layout and the business login by accessing the data.

Comparing skill level required to develop custom modules

To develop a custom module in each of the eCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop or OpenCart one would require a good understanding of the Object Oriented Concepts and programming. It also requires a high level of programming knowledge of PHP. It is also essential of have some knowledge of the file structure and coding structure of each of the eCommerce software.

In terms of skill level, developing a custom module in OpenCart is easier. The code structure is highly simple as is the process since one needs to create controller for the functions, model to access the database and ‘view’ files for the template.
Developing a module in Magento is slightly harder. This too requires good knowledge of PHP and Object oriented concepts, but it also requires an in-depth knowledge of the Magento coding structure.

Prestashop module development is no different, in the sense that it too requires a high skill level for both PHP and Objected Oriented Programming. In addition to this PrestaShop also demands a very high coding standard. PrestaShop follows PSR-1 and PSR-2 for coding standard in PHP. With JavaScript it follows Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide. With HTML and CSS it follows the Mark Otto’s coding standard.

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