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What is well balanced website design – Balancing the text and graphic elements on a website

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The combination of content and graphic elements and creativity that is displayed on your website make a big difference. There is a invisible line between what the website visitors will accept and what they won’t. Even the statistics collected state the same. The statistics collected from ‘Kinesis inc.’ clearly show that how once the page loads the user will form an opinion about the website in .05 seconds. This is a very short time and it is the job of the designer to make sure the visitor stays on your page; In order to do so the designer will have to make sure there are not unnecessary elements on the website and the design elements present sever the purpose of fulfilling the main objective of the website.

Essentially the design elements should be in theme with the overall design of the website and complement the text that is present on the website too. The way your website is laid out which includes the colors, fonts, images, content placement and quality makes all the difference when it comes to the success of the website.

One of the most common reasons why visitors leave a website a few seconds after the page load is that they simply are unable to figure out what the website is about and where the important elements are located and how to go about navigating. Thus her are a few tips and tricks on how to get the right balance while designing your website.

  • Significance of the Logo: As far as a website is concerned a logo can be considered the ‘First Image’. This is not because it usually is located at the top and loads first. This is because it helps the visitor recognize your brand or organization. This is the reason why one finds tons of duplicated products using a very similar logo to that of a popular brand.

  • Logo for popular brands: For brands and organizations that are already popular it is highly beneficial to develop their logo first and make sure it is on their website and in the header. This is because the visitor’s confidence is boosted once he recognizes the popular logo on the page. This increases the authenticity of the website and gains the trust of the visitor.

  • Logo for new firms: When it comes to a new organization, it is not likely to be well known yet and the main objective would be to make sure the brand makes and impression with the visitors. One of the best ways to do so is with the logo. For example the logo for the Nike brand is so popular that they are able to sell most products by simply using their logo on the product. Hence in order to make users aware of their brand or organization it is essential to place the logo on the website and maybe even include the name.

  • Navigating without GPS: Finding something does not always have to be hard or a bad experience. In fact searching for something or navigating invokes the spirit of adventure in yourself and the desire to explore. This is true for just about anything, your car (driving in car) or while surfing a website. A website navigation needs to be designed in an intuitive manner so that the visitor can move around with ease and without stressing too much. This can be compared to the experience of being able to drive without GPS and simply using the appropriate road signs on the road..

  • The main focus: There are pages which require an unique focus and there are also pages which are not about focusing on a single product or service but more about providing information on a general topic. This could be similar to a navigation page or a page with multiple options. However the same is not true when it comes to a product or services page. This page has a specific goal and hence the focus should always be on the main content and include a single call to action design element. If there is additional content that is unrelated to the main one or even if there is more one call to action design element it is likely to affect the focus of the visitor.

  • Content is king: When it comes to website design, the phrase ‘Content is King’ still stands correct. The reason is no matter how fancy your design may be it serves only a limited purpose. At the end of the day if the content of the website does not stand up to the expectations of the visitor, they will simply leave or close the website and look for alternatives.

  • Images with a purpose: It is true that content is king but it is also true that “A Picture is Worth a thousand words”. Thus it is good to place images along with the content. However that is more beneficial is place the right kind of image and making sure the image complements the content. This helps create a better website and helps send the right message.

The verdict:

For those willing to be more creative and seeking a unique and innovative option, it is essential that they take extra effort to get the right balance between website content and design to be successful. Besides which it is highly beneficial in attracting more traffic too.

Not everyone is tech savvy and creative enough to be able to design a website that is keeping with the current trends and also utilize the new tools and elements of a language. Besides which the Websites these days also have that Social Media element that we have extensively discussed. Web Designers are a creative group of people who have the amazing ability to come up with great designs that can later be converted into a workable template for your website.

Alakmalak has had the good fortune of having the opportunity to create Web Designs for several firms across the world. They have now developed more than 2000 websites over the years for clients from all around the world. Hence it is safe to trust them when it comes to Web Designing for the current times.

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