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What is website development pricing?

By: Rushik Shah


How much does the website development cost based on your requirements? This is one of the most common questions of firms interested in developing their own website (for their business). The requirements tend to vary from business to business and so does the cost. In fact the cost for the same website may be different at different web developing firms. This is something that one comes to expect since not all will charge the same. But the astounding fact is that there is often a massive price difference with between each quote that the business usually receives. There are many reasons that happens, but as a result the business owner ends up getting confused. After all what can make the cost vary so much that one quote is more than double the other one.  Hence the eternal question how much does a website cost?
That is exactly what this article is all about, the dynamics behind the large cost difference. Explaining the reason for the difference in simple English.

Main factors affecting the website cost:

Main factors affecting the website cost

There are many factors that affect the cost of a website and it is good to aware of these details prior to approaching a web developing company. In fact it always pays to do a little bit of research prior to setting out for any new option.
In case of building a website the following factors should be taken into consideration while setting the budget:

  • Do you want to redesign your website or is it a new website that you need?
  • Do you have the necessary documents required for the website. For example the list of menu options or the content for the pages?
  • Any website will generally require few images and graphics. These can either be purchased from an on-line stock image website or taken from the web development firm itself. On the other hand you too can provide the images if you have them.
  • Are you building the website only for the desktop or both desktop and mobile platforms?
  • Does your website require the use of any flash files or videos?
  • Do you have all the content you require or do you need to create more content?
  • Any extra features required? For example Social media channels, SEO, e commerce, etc.
  • The cost of the website can drastically vary depending on whether you choose go have a fixed project cost or opt for the fixed hourly rate to develop the website.

The cost of redesigning vs. making a new website:

The cost of redesigning vs. making a new website

It is very important that the website you develop carries your message in a way that both correct and deliverable. Furthermore it is you who has to make sure that your web developer understands the limits and bounds as well as the special functions of your business so that they are portrayed in a correct manner on your website. This process usually takes a while since it involves a web designer who has little idea of your business and may be no knowledge of our business domain.
On the other hand if you have an existing website, then the web designer has something to refer to. It is likely that you have already gone through the process of discovering and exploring the feature required for you website and now you simply need to redesign it. In this case the web designer has a good place to start from and base his ideas and design on. This often reduces the web design time considerably.

Designing the interface:

Designing the interface


The interface design often referred to as the look and feel of the website should ideally consist of your well established logo and any other pre established photos and images and branding elements. Opting for a ready-made template does not mean that you will not be needing any additional images for your layout; this is something that you should keep in mind since the purchase of images can up the overall cost of the website. Lastly make sure you spend all the time you need getting the interface (website design) right. The visitors do require all the good functionality but if the website design and navigation is not good enough to carry the website, not many visitors will stick around.

Multimedia elements:

Multimedia elements


If your website does make extensive use of images and graphics and that too fancy one then opting for stock images may drastically increase the cost of your website. On the other hand if you have a good designer then you may be able to get them to make suitable image for you (custom images). This is one good way to keep the website cost low.

Going mobile with the website design:

Going mobile with the website design

It is becoming more important to design your website such that they are at least mobile friendly. This is because of the sheer fact that the rate of growth of the smart phone industry way out shines that of the PC market. You have several options when it comes to designing your website for multiple platforms. Choosing the responsive website design in one of the better options since it can cut your costs by up to 20 – 30%. The reason being that with responsive designs the basic website layout remains the same.

Content is king:

Content is king

You only know the true value of the website content when you receive positive feedback from satisfied customers and they keep coming back for more. Good content is best written by yourself. You are the best person for the job. In general content is best written by the business firm themselves rather than getting it done by the web development firm. This has the added advantage of lowering your costs too.

Adding custom modules and features:

Adding custom modules and features

Web developers are programmers at the end of the day and they have the ability to add custom feature and even program small modules specially for your website that can go a long way in improving its usability and visitor interest (traffic). However these extra feature as you may have already guessed come at a cost.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

  • For the businesses who wish to manage their own content an modify and add their content as and when they please, they have the option of opting for a Custom Content management system. These are dynamic websites that can be developed such that you have full control on all the content of the website.
  • Some developers may charge extra for a tutorial and documentation for your website which explains how to use all the features and even maintain it.
  • Having a Blog within your website is known to help with search engine optimisation. This is one of the extra feature that will come at an extra cost if opted for.
  • Besides that other common website features include e-commerce shopping carts, catalogs, payment gateways, etc.
  • If you do have a website for your business it is possible you also have a good following. You can use this to your advantage. It is common for sites to integrate a newsletter feature to their website so that they can run email campaigns directly from their website.
  • As discussed earlier branding and business logo are very important elements. Thus if you don’t happen to have a decent logo then you may need to get one professionally done, this too will come at an extra cost.
  • Thus the list is endless. I am sure you get the drift by now that there are several additional feature, some common some specially applicable to your website that can be incorporated in your website. But these all will increase the overall cost of your website and hence you need to sit back and weigh the benefits over the cost.

Maintaining your creation:

So you have created a beautiful website and have overspent in the process thinking that is all that is required. Many people forget that the websites also need to be maintained. There are several methods of going about doing this however. You can either enter into a maintenance contract with your web developer and you also have the option of hiring a web development agency preferably the same one that developed your website, to change or fix things that you find need changing with time.

How Alakmalak fits in the equation:

Website Design-Development Company India-Web Developers India

When it comes to getting what you want and at the cost you want it, there is only one name that come to mind and that is Alakmalak. This is one firm that has been satisfying its customers from all around the world with their good work and innovative ideals (and skills) since a long time and will be doing so for many more. There are not many web development companies around that have this kind of experience as well as not many who can say that they have successfully completed more than 2000 websites for customers from all around the world.
Their costs are usually affordable too. Besides which they have these special offers every so often which you as a business can capitalize one. For example the Basic Package that includes a customised design layout, up to ten static pages, a couple of free professional images costs about $399.99. But there is a special offer at this very moment (time of writing the article) and thus it will cost you only $349.99.  Make that a Dynamic Content management System Package and what usually costs you $599.99 will cost you only $499.99 at the moment. Besides this Alakmalak also provides the option where you can block a minimum of 20hours to suit your requirements at a cost of $12 per hour.



Hence budgeting and preparing for the development of your website is one thing and then choosing the best and most economical option is another. You have all of this here at Alakmalak. This is company that brings its years of experience to the table along with attractive prices that are more often than not complemented with special offers to help you meet your requirements and exceed.

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