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What is Website Caching and Templates And How Does Laravel Handle It?

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Website Caching

The Website caching feature is quite commonly used when developing websites; this is a feature that allows for the temporary storage of web documents. The caching includes HTML pages as well as images and reduces the server lag. Web caching is a core feature of the HTTP protocol. Caching occurs at all levels of the content’s journey from the original server to the browser. However, caching is more efficient if the request is fulfilled closer to the user, rather than from the web server.

What is Website Caching and Templates And How Does Laravel Handle It?

There are many benefits of website caching as mentioned here:
– Content caching decreases the network costs in many ways. If the content is cached closer the user the HTTP requests, the network activity is greatly reduced since there are not many additional requests.

– Cached content is easier to retrieve; what this means is that the content can be retrieved faster and hence improve the responsiveness.

– In the case where there is a network interruption, if cache content has been implemented the user will still be able to view the content.

There are several elements of the website that can be cached. In fact, almost all elements of the webpage can be cached. Although some elements are easier to cache than others. The elements that can be cached include the logo, brand images, style sheets, and even the general JavaScirpt files. The media files and downloadable content can also be cached.

Website Templates

A website template is referred to as the user interface. A dynamic website consists of the design and user interface and the underlying functionality. The websites are developed using PHP and this mainly includes the functionality, however the user interface is equally important for a successful website. Some of the frameworks have a custom method of implementing the website template while others use simple HTML.

Laravel’s implementation of Website Caching and Template

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around. Although it was launched fairly recently it has risen to the top very fast. It is an open source framework and has a great many features and extensions. It is also easy to learn and there is a big online community Laravel users for support.

Laravel does recognize the importance of website caching and has implemented it within the framework to improve the performance of the websites and moreover provide a steadier performance. It is important to offer the users a smoother performance and hence Laravel has in place may caching features.

Laravel can help greatly improve the performance of websites with larger loads by implementing several cache drivers like file, database, apc, redis, array.

Laravel also has a special feature to handle the website template. The special feature available in Laravel is called Blade. It is a simple templating engine which, unlike other templating engines does not restrict you from using plain PHP code in the views. The way the Laravel template works is that the template is converted into PHP code and cached until it is modified again. These blade templates are very efficient and intuitive to use.

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