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What Is The Difference Between Laravel Framework and Other Micro Frameworks for PHP?

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Web application framework is a software framework that has many resources and services which help in the development of a website. There are several PHP Web Frameworks available and Laravel is one of them. A web framework has a predefined and set structure for the development of a website. These frameworks usually follow the MVC architecture.



A micro framework is a minimal web application framework. A full fledged framework is likely to have many features like user accounts, authentications, authorization, database abstraction and more. A micro framework will usually not have such added features. A micro framework usually provides a basic and minimal PHP framework that allows to build such features like authentication and more. For example Lumen and Silex are very popular micro framework.

Comparing a Micro Framework With a Full Stack Framework

–  A full stack framework provides all the features one would expect. These features include development architecture of some sort like MVC.

– Other features in a full stack framework include database management, HTML generation, several modules that a commonly used like authentication, etc.

– It is also very easy to build a website using a full stack framework with all the necessary tools provided.

– A micro framework as the name suggests is a slimmed down version of a full stack framework.

– A micro framework has the bare necessities required to build website.

– A micro framework will have the basic features like HTTP request, routing HTTP request, HTTP response. Besides which additional tools are also provided to make development easier.

– A micro framework can be used to develop a full fledged website. However a full fledged PHP framework does provide additional features that enables one to develop more fancy and feature rich websites.

– Laravel is a full stack framework and has all the bells and whistles required to develop a stunning website.

– Luman is a stripped down version of Laravel and is a micro framework that can too be used to develop a basic website.

– The advantage of using Luman is that as far as your website is fairly basic and has less features, Luman can handle it and maybe more light weight.

– If a Luman website gets more complicated it is possible to upgrade it to Laravel too since the syntax is similar.

– Lumen has done away with Laravel features like HTTP sessions, cookies, templating, routing, logging, etc.

– With Lumen, the entire bootstrap is process is based on one single file. It is not easy to configure this either. This does help speed up your website however with little or no possibilities to tweak it.

– The Laravel platform allows you more flexibility and more features which can be configured for the type of website you are building.

Web Development with Laravel at Alakmalak

Alakmalak has been involved in Laravel application development since a very long time.In this time they have developed websites for many firms all across the globe. They have developed several websites using the Laravel framework and have specially skilled PHP developers with a great deal of experience in Laravel. Besides which they also develop many other kinds of websites.

Hence when it comes choosing a framework, it mainly depends on the type of website that you need to develop.

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