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What is angular JS? What does it mean for web development?

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Angular JS

There are several methods in which the HTML can be enhanced using JavaScript. Some of the more popular methods doing so are:

  • Ember.js: This is an open source JavaScript framework.

  • Backbone.js: A JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface.

  • Angular.js: Agular JS has several very compelling features that can enhance just about any HTML website.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS has been built by Google and is an open source web application framework that has been specially designed for front end development. This framework also makes testing easier. The purpose being to equip the HTML applications with the MVC structure capability (Model View Controller). This client side JavaScript framework is not dependant on a library although it is extensible via several third party libraries.

The JavaScript framework is meant for dynamic web applications and it is best suited for one page websites that require use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Using Angular JS:

For web developers or even those familiar with novice level of programming and JavaScript it is simple to configure the HTML page to use Angular JS. Here are a few tips on how to use Angular JS.

  • The special directive “ng-app” needs to be added in the HTML tag to define the page as an Angular JS web application.

  • In addition to which the special Angular Script does need to be called within the HEAD tag.

  • The Angular JS code can then be added within the HTML within double curly brackets.

The concept and coding itself does not have a very high learning curve which adds to the benefit of using it. Another advantage being that unlike the other similar frameworks which are simply tools, this is a next generation framework with some useful features for both designers as well as developers.

Main features for Angular JS:

  • Directives: Angular has many features, although the directives are what makes it extremely useful and handy. The directives allow to manipulate the DOM attributes and can be placed in the HTML tags.

  • Data Binding: The other very useful feature of Angular JS is the data binding feature. This helps the developers by making it so large amounts of code is not required for a typical web applications.

  • Two Way Data Binding: Although most framework systems usually have a one way data binding system, Angular JS has a two way data binding system. With one way binding the model and the template components are merged together into a view.

Although when changes are made to the model the view also is required to be changed. The difference with two way data binding there is synchronization of data between the model and the DOM. What this means is that any changes made in the model will reflect in the view without any additional effort.

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  • What is angular JS? What does it mean for web development?

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