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What Constitutes As An Awesome Magento Store?

By: Rushik Shah

Magento is open-source software that is available as a free download to set up your own eCommerce store. Although it is easy to install, setup and configure; you are likely to require the help of an expert PHP Web Developer or a Magento Web Developer to create an “awesome Magento store”.  There are many eCommerce stores on the Internet, but not all of them are nice. Only a few of the eCommerce stores are impressive and worthy of recommending to a friend or a colleague.

What constitutes as an awesome Magento store?

There are many eCommerce software available, however, Magento has quickly climbed up to the top of the popularity ladder in-spite of being launched fairly recently.

Example of Awesome Magento Stores

There are many big brands and firms that make use of Magento for their website requirements. Here is a short list of few of the impressive Magento Stores that demand a second look.

Grenson : This is a good example of a well designed Magento Store that shows confidence via their design.

Coca Cola : Coca Cola too have a eCommerce store to purchase the popular drink Coke. Their store has been developed using Magento has been designed well with plenty of customization.

– Brewshop : Brewshop has been developed using Magento and is a store that grabs your attention from the very first page. The choice of fonts, color and that how they have highlighted a specific is awesome. The combination of good fonts, color, images and design is what makes it awesome, besides the good functional elements.

NIKE  : NIKE’s  Australian Store has been developed using Magento. Besides to obvious stunning visual design that has been achieved, they have backed it with equally stunning functionality using custom Magento development.

Defining an Awesome Magento Store

Almost everyone has a unique perspective when it comes to what is an awesome store. However, there are a few common factors that one should give more stress too (to create an awesome store).

– Website Store Design: The design of the website is almost like a visual presentation of your store. The visitors to your website will make a split second decision on whether they like the design or not. If your get the design right, you are already half way there to having an awesome Magento Store.

– The store should have their products easy to find and displayed in a good manner. It does help to customise the individual store page as per the product characteristics. For example include image that can be zoomed, or detailed product specifications where required, or even feature to compare with other products where relevant.

– The website store should always cater for the visitors who prefer quick purchases and do not wish to create an account. At the same time it should also have many innovative features for those who do wish to create an account.

– Providing flexible payment options is always welcomed by the visitors.

– It is also essential to create a page for “About Us” and “Contact Us”. These pages should have relevant information that describes the details of the store and where it is located.

Developing Awesome Magento Store with Alakmalak

Alakmalak has been developing stunning eCommerce websites since over 10 years now. They have a team of highly skilled Magento Developers who have the expertise to create awesome websites. Besides which Alakmalak also has a great team of designers that help the PHP Developers create Awesome Magento Websites.

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