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Ways to Create an Awesome Single-Page Website on WordPress

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Everybody makes errors while building a WordPress website. However, each error is a chance for growth for your one-page site

We have assisted thousands of WordPress users in the creation of their multi-Page website, one-page theme website, and blogs over the years. We have learned to avoid some frequent WordPress blunders when setting up our own websites and assisting others.

It has aided us in saving time and money, as well as growing our firm more efficiently. We will share our experiences in this post with you so you can avoid these typical WordPress mistakes. The objective is to assist you in learning from the errors of others while creating your websites.

Mistakes that you make while creating a WordPress website on your own:-

 1.) Choosing the Wrong Platform to develop WordPress Website

The most common error new bloggers make is selecting the incorrect blogging platform for their online presence. In General, there are two versions of WordPress. There is WordPress.com, which is a blog hosting provider, and WordPress.org, which is the well-known self-hosted WordPress platform that everyone adores for its advanced features.

 2.) Email delivery issues when setting up contact forms

Another easily preventable error that many newcomers make is failing to put up a contact form in the contact details section. Without having a contact form, visitors to your website will be unable to reach you, which can result in major missed opportunities.

Almost every major website has a contact page and it has to be considered in the basic plan before creating a website. It is considered to be the most critical page and basic features that each website should have. Although WordPress does not provide a built-in contact form, several excellent WordPress contact form plugins are available.

Email delivery issue is frequently faced in WordPress websites, where the email is sent but not received. Though everything seems perfect to you still there is the loop that is needed to be fixed. Actually, Google, Outlook, and other email service provider make sure that unauthentic sources won’t invade into user Inbox.

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So, to get email lands and receive by the registered user, you should consult with a professional WordPress developer. And make your website legitimate and properly authenticate it.

 3.) Getting a lot of comment spam

Comment spam is obnoxious and can reflect poorly on your brand. Many novices configure their blogs in such a way that all new comments are instantly published without moderation.

This implies that spam comments with links to viruses and low-quality websites might go live on your website without your awareness. This might have a detrimental effect on your search engine rankings and your website’s reputation.

You must always enable comment moderation on all of your WordPress blogs. Simply go to the Settings » Discussion page and choose the checkbox next to the options. A comment must be manually authorized.

 4.) Not Optimizing Your Website for SEO like a pro

When it comes to advertising their websites, many WordPress users make future predictions. Some people entirely disregard SEO, while others approach it half-heartedly. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves your website’s ranking in search engines, allowing more people to discover it. The majority of websites get the majority of their traffic from search engines just by using basic SEO tools. SEO is critical to your online business’s success.

We offer a comprehensive step-by-step WordPress SEO tutorial for beginners that will assist you in correctly optimizing your website for search engine optimization by making use of some strong SEO tools.

 5.)Not Choosing The Right WordPress plugins

Choosing the appropriate URL configuration (permalink structure) for your website is quite crucial. Updating your URL structure after the fact is difficult and may have a big influence on your website’s traffic.

We suggest visiting the Settings » Permalinks page in your WordPress dashboard and selecting a URL structure that includes the title of your article.

Demerits of Hiring a freelancer for Website development on WordPress:-

 While hiring a freelancer can be less costly and more involved than employing a web design business. But there are some possible drawbacks when it comes to the quality of design.

 1.)One person doing everything

Sometimes managing more than one project at a time. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of employing a freelancer is that one individual must wear numerous hats.

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If you hand your website to a freelancer to develop, then he has to serve as a project manager, back-end developer, and front-end developer simultaneously. And it’s not surprising that the quality of the website won’t match the industry standard.

 2.) Develop Process is Often Incomplete

A method is nearly always necessary when working with a software development firm to guarantee that everyone is contributing to the ultimate objective that is achieving the business plans the customer asked for. As you know, since a freelancer is not a member of a team, a procedure is not enforced and is often ignored—resulting in project delays, mistakes, and more which ultimately gives you less user experience.

3.) More time is needed for project completion as only one person works

While it is often beneficial to have a larger pool of talent to pick from, sometimes it could be a disadvantage for creating an online store builder. As previously said, when you engage an agency, you are paying for an agency. And if you just want minor modifications to your web design later, a whole team will not be needed.

Why Hire An Agency For Development Of Website On WordPress:-

 A freelance developer is an independent web developer who works for no particular company. In most cases, freelancers are employed for short-term jobs.

 1.) More people, variety of expertise

As previously said, software development companies typically employ at least one project manager, software developer, and UI/UX designer. In this manner, jobs are given to employees with expertise in each area, ensuring that each worker working on your project is apparently doing what they do best.

 2.) Better processes driven than a freelancer

With more personnel, it’s necessary to be more structured, which almost always entails establishing procedures for your one-page website. With established methods in place, your business has a better chance of constructing your WordPress site according to your specifications and on time.

 3.) Greater quality if proper quality checks are done by a QA

The majority of organizations that adhere to established procedures also have a particular quality assurance procedure in place (QA). Your agency’s quality assurance procedure will almost certainly include a check of your WordPress site to confirm that it is ready for usage with the best modern design and powerful features.

4.)  Quicker project completion

Additionally, having additional people on your side enables you to accomplish your job more rapidly than if you were working alone. With an agency, numerous employees can work on your site concurrently, minimizing the amount of time required to go online.

 5.) Better team, more experience

When you join with an agency, both sides (you and the agency) will typically sign an NDA that is a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This paperwork safeguards both you and your ideas and even the ideas of the agency with whom you’re collaborating, so increasing the partnership’s overall security.


In this post, we tried to include the ideas and details for creating a single-page site on WordPress having the best attractive designs. You should consider avoiding the mistakes while getting your hosting plan for your one-page designs and adapt the advantages that benefit you from opting for the agency over the freelancer with some premium plans. We hope our showcased knowledge will help you out creating your WordPress website.

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