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How to Create a Responsive Website With AngularJS?

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework that can be used to develop website templates. It allows one to use extensions of HTML to develop the website design. The main features of AngularJS include two-way binding, modular coding, ability to handle RESTful API as well as Ajax handling.

This is an open source framework that is mainly used for the front end of the website. It has been developed by Google and is also being maintained by them. AngularJS makes use of the MVC architecture and hence is easy for the web developers to use and develop robust applications.

Implementations of AngularJS

AngularJS is a dynamic JavaScript Framework has many different types of applications. There are many advantages of using AngularJS for Single Page Applications since AngularJS helps provide a better experience and can also be used offline. The more detailed list of applications are listed here:

  • AngularJS on Symfony2 Application:
    There are many benefits of using AngularJS with a Symfony2 framework. Although, these are two different frameworks they can be used together. With Symfony2 beings used to interact with the API calls and database while AngularJS handles the interface design and front-end and displays data from the database.
  • Chat Application with Geo-Location:
    It is possible to develop a chat application using AngularJS, Node.js, Google Maps and several other technologies. While the front end is developed in AngularJS, the back end has been developed using technologies like Node.js, Google Maps, and the There are many advantages of using AngularJS with Node.js is such applications.
  • Youtube Search Application with AngularJS:
    It is possible to develop a Youtube Search Application using AngularJS along with jQuery, the Twitter Bootstrap, and JSON, AngualarJS can be used along with JSON to interact with the database and offer faster response times.
  • PhoneGap Project With AngularJS:
    AngularJS can be used with a PhoneGap project with the routing service. AngularJS has a lot to offer in a PhoneGap application and there are many advantages of using it.
  • Single Page Websites:
    Websites can be developed using many different technologies. There are many advantages of using AngularJS to develop a website especially a single page website. A single page website developed using AngularJS does not require any page refresh. It also results in better user experience. The pages developed in AngularJs are pre-loaded and hence even if there is an issue with the Internet connection the page will still be visible.

Websites using AngularJS

Why Choose Alakmalak As a Your Growth Partner?

Why Choose Alakmalak As a Your Growth Partner?

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  • How to create a responsive website with AngularJS?
Rushik Shah 11 June , 2018

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