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What is Theme Options Page in WordPress?

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WordPress themes are customizable from the admin section itself. How do you do it and what is the expert level that is required to do so? These are some common questions that this articles aims to address. To start with WordPress is a very user friendly software and hence the expert level necessary to work with any admin related task is not very high. Furthermore this article aims to explain just that hence it should clear and issue you have related to this topic.

In general all themes are customizable especially those which are professionally purchased. The elements that can be configured are the font style , custom CSS layout,  logo, navigation slider and many be other setting which are different for each layout or template.

Here are a few hints on how to handle the customization of themes in general:

  • First go to the admin section of your WordPress installation and then login.

  • Then go to the admin menu Appearance –> Theme Options; the newer themes might just have the option Appearance –> Customize.

  • This will open up a menu along side with several options which is different for each theme.

  • The options could range from Body styling to body text to custom CSS and similar changes and options.

  • There is usually an option to change the logo as well where you have the opportunity to upload your own logo via a nice interface provided you have your logo ready.

  • The favicon is also usually setup here and thus you can even upload your favicon which is a file with the extension ICO and is uploaded either to the theme directory or the root directory.

  • Moreover the theme will have an option to select navigation as well. You will need to prepare a menu from the menu option in the Appearance menu. This menu can then be linked to the theme via the options provided by the theme.

  • Besides selecting the menu there are several other Navigation related options that may be available like delay, fade, speed settings for example.

  • If the layout that you have selected has a slider then there will be a section where you can upload your images and set a title and a link. You should be able to upload multiple images in case of a rotating slider.

  • The slider will also have options like controlling the sliding effect and direction, etc.

These are some common and easy option that are provided along with a template and are easy to customize. For the harder options you may need to take help from the professionals. Alakmalak is on such WordPress web development company that can help you out.

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