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Using Node JS & React JS to Build a Website

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JavaScript has been used to develop websites since long. It is now easier to develop websites using JavaScript thanks to the many frameworks that are now available. This includes frameworks like AngularJS, React.js, Node.js and many more. Node.js is a JavaScript framework and an open source cross-platform environment to execute server-side JavaScript code. React.js is a JavaScript library that is mainly used to develop the website interface.

Using Node JS & React JS to Build a Website

Web Development with Node.js and React.js

It is possible to develop a website using JavaScript alone, this includes both front end and back end. Node.js is mainly used to develop the intricate back-end functionality while React.js is mainly used to develop the interface of the website. Node.js can perform the database queries while React.js can make sure the current data is being displayed from the database.

The website development using Node.js and React.js and be described in a better way by using an example. If we were to develop a guestbook website using the two JavaScript technologies, Node.js would be used to handle the database queries along with JSON and also take care of the routing, while React.js would be used to design the user interface.

The guestbook basically consists of one page with a form that can be submitted after entering all details and the list of feedback received on the website.

Here React.js is used to create the interface and grab data from the database using the online API. Node.js is used to create the modules required to interact with the database. It is also used to create the necessary code to interact with the form and transfer data to and fro from the database. It is used to save the data and retrieve it as well. The React.js library is used to create the interface that will interact with the user in the form of an input form. It will also be used to map the data and make sure it is displayed in the correct manner.

Website Development with Alakmalak

Website Development with Alakmalak

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