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Using Multiple Databases In a Laravel Project

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All most all website projects tend to expand over time to include more features or offer more services. It is highly likely that while developing your website you are not fully aware of its potential and hence leave out many features. The first version of a website is usually for a firm to achieve an online presence and make sure the basic information regarding their firm is available online. It is only once the business gains confidence in the online system that they will expand their website.

Using Multiple Databases In a Laravel Project

How Multiple Databases Is Useful?

We can consider a job website for example. A job portal as one would expect consists of job seekers and job consultants. An average job portal would have many companies registered and even job seekers who can interact as per the job availability. However, the job portal these days are very featured rich and offer many more services and features besides simple job search. Since the new Job Portal has more features it does make sense to develop a job portal with more features. However, in this case, the new job portal is more than simply a job portal and includes several other features too. In this case, it is wise to develop a new and independent application, that may even use a new version of Laravel. Once developed, this new portal has now a database of its own and if you wish to retain the old system as well you are forced to utilize two databases in the old system; like the existing one and the new one.

This is just one example where the multi database feature of Laravel is very useful. Other examples include using an external database located remotely.

How Does It Work?

Laravel allows you to define multiple sets of database credentials in the configuration file. These can be accessed by unique identifiers. The connection parameters of the respective database are then used to connect to the right database. Laravel fully supports multiple databases and hence it is possible to continue using Laravel’s own Eloquent model without having to reset the database connection when switching between databases.

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