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Using a Laravel demo website to understand its features

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Introduction to Laravel

Laravel is an open source PHP framework that can be used to develop just about any website using the PHP language. It was released approximately 7 years ago in 2011 and didn’t take long to get to the top of the charts on the list of the best PHP frameworks. It has now implemented the new version of PHP version 7.x and incorporate many new features that PHP has to offer. Laravel basically follows the MVC structure, uses object oriented programming, has a dedicated dependency manager.

Using a Laravel demo website to understand its features

Features of Laravel Demonstration Website


    • Some Web Development companies tend to setup demonstration of popular open source software. The main purpose of doing this is to make it possible for firms interested in developing a website of their own, to have a look at the what is possible and get a quick preview of what to expect in their own website.


  • A Laravel demonstration website will bring forth its features. Since Laravel is essentially a PHP framework the features are mainly for programmers. The Laravel Web Developers take advantage of the many features on offer to create stunning websites. It is possible to develop just about any type of website using Laravel, hence the Laravel demonstration website is likely to demonstrate the many features that can be programmed and the website efficiency.


Understanding the working of Laravel from a Demonstration Website


  • Laravel has many good feature that is evident on inspecting a website developed using Laravel. The demonstration website is likely to have a good user interface that makes is possible to access the functionality in a smooth manner. Furthermore, you are likely to notice the quick response time of the website too.


  • This is all made possible because Laravel has a good template engine (Blade) that is lightweight and inbuilt. It also has a command line tool that called Artisan that automates many tasks, making sure all the code is efficient and there is no room for error. The database access system is highly optimized. Laravel allows the use of Eloquent ORM which is essentially a PHP active record implementation, which makes solving complicated database queries a breeze. The unit testing features and high security features of the framework are an added advantage.


Looking to outsource website design and development work

A Laravel demonstration website is a good way to check all the features that it has to offer and decide on whether it is right for you. Alakmalak is a Laravel Web Development company hence, if in need to Hire Laravel Developer look no further.

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