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Web Development

Understanding Color Psychology in Web Design

By: Rushik Shah

Color Psychology

The color psychology is more important than you can imagine and is used to a great extent when designing as website. Although it is true that the choice of colors is more dependent on the person than a general rule, there are certain norms that if followed can lead you to certain success as far as the color combinations are concerned.

There are set rules as to what each color signifies and in what context they can be used. Hence how you use the colors within the given set of rules is entirely up to you. A quick example being of the colors black and white. The black color is generally not preferred and does not serve the purpose as far as an ecommerce website design development is concerned. Hence a quick research of the ecommerce giants websites on the Internet will reveal that a major number of those popular ecommerce websites are while almost none of them are black.

Every color sends a different message, thus making it important to select your colors wisely.

Important statistics on website color choice:

The time taken for the reaction of the visitor on glancing at a website is not more than 90 seconds. This is the time in which you can expected them to have the emotional reaction to the what they see, than generates the appropriate feeling

  • The level of influence the website colors have on the average visitor is estimated at about 62% – 90%.

  • The time taken for the reaction of the visitor on glancing at a website is not more than 90 seconds. This is the time in which you can expected them to have the emotional reaction to the what they see, than generates the appropriate feeling

Matching color to meaning:

Every color has a meaning and even though different colors have a different significance to different people there are several rules when it comes to color that are universal. Hence it is best to make sure you are aware of these general rules and incorporate them into your web design as well.

  • Yellow

    • Kids love yellow

    • Grow-ups especially men dislike yellow

    • This color should always be used with caution.

  • Orange

    • Popular with kids

    • Often used as a sign of warning (not danger though)

    • It is also associated with sports, fitness, etc

  • Red

    • Red is a color that attracts attention hence is often used as a symbol for danger or error

    • Action items are often in red

    • The fashion and similar brands use this color extensively

  • Black

    • Black signifies excellence and formality

    • A very popular corporate color

  • Green

    • Green is a color often associated with health and well being

    • The lighter green usually signifies fresh ideas or new starts, etc.

    • This is popular with health products

  • Blue

    • Blue is a color that generates an air of intelligence

    • This color is almost never associated with food products although there may be exceptions. It is largely associated with mint and cool effect (ice effect) and such relevant topics.

    • It is a cool and soothing color of the ocean that also signifies purity

  • Pink

    • This color is popular with females

    • Almost certain relates to all girl or baby products.

  • White

    • While is a color that signifies innocence

    • It is a versatile color hence is popular with corporate look as well as medical, not to mention educational as well.

Alakmalak implements their deep insight of the true art developing websites:

Alakmalak is a well reputed web development firm that offers a great many web related services. Having developed over 2000 website for clients from all across the globe they are well established and quite confident at what they do. Besides which their client retention ratio speaks for itself.

Besides having the technical abilities which they have proved time after time, they also possess the true art of creating a website. It is one thing to have the technical skills to develop a website however it is completely different to have the creatively inclined enough to do it right. In additional to which several factors like color combination, choice of fonts, placement of chosen images may all seem very futile tasks but if you get these wrong it can spell disaster for your website.

At the end of the day the website is being built with the aim that more number of visitors browse the website, hence it is a good idea have some knowledge of the characteristics of your visitors. A quick example being that with more number of Internet users using mobile devices to access the internet it is essential that your website be equally presentable and functionally sound on the mobile platform.

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