Important differences between UX and UI that no designer must miss out

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Whether it is a website or a game or an application, your target audiences will love it only if the digital product has 2 important things. That is, the product has to be easy to use, and secondly, the audiences must have a great experience using it.

This is where User Interface, which is UI and User Experience that is UX, comes into the picture. The outcome of a great UX/UI design will be an awesome product that the customers will simply love.

But UX/UI are 2 different things, and every designer must keep in mind the key UI UX difference.

UI UX Dfference

Let us take a closer look at the UI UX design difference:

1)  UX Searches for solution and UI determine the look:

UX is the solution provider. It tries to give solutions to the problems that the user may be facing. The objective of UX is to give the customer what he expects from the product. It is not just focussed on finding the problem but also providing a solution for the same.

UI is all about creating the best interface for the audience so that they can use the product with ease. It will keep in mind aesthetics, functional requirements to create a great experience on the screen.

2) UX focuses on the user journey, while UI focuses on product snapshot:

The next UI and UX difference are that UX will concentrate on the user reactions, emotions, etc. throughout the user journey. This will be used as a strategy to improve the user experience.

UI will be concerned about the layout of the product which the audiences will love. The designer will focus on making the interface design resourceful and more appealing to the audiences.

3) UX and UI complement each other:

Yes, there is a UI UX design difference, but they both depend on each other. A winning digital product must-have combination of both UX and UI. Designers must always keep in mind that if the layout is not that great even if the product has fantastic UX design, the product will be a failure and vice versa.

4) UX and UI designers have different roles:

The UI and UX difference are more than obvious. So naturally, the UX designer and the UI designers will have different roles to play in the product building. UX designers will work with the marketing and product teams to create the product’s functionality, whereas the UI designers will be focussed on the appearance of the product.

5) UX depends on users’ research, and UI is the layout:

UX designers will have to work based on the research data that is obtained from user testing and competitor analysis. UI designers will ensure that the product has an appealing look.

6) UX and UI Live in Harmony:

UI UX difference exists, but both these roles are dependent on each other. They live in tandem with each other. UX designer will focus on customer requirements, and UI designers will focus on the requirements of the UX designer.


UX designers will have to focus on strategic thinking, and UI designers will take care of the visual aspects so that the final product is winsome.

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