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Top ten reasons to pick Laravel

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When it comes to web development there are many PHP framework that can be used to develop a website. Amongst the PHP Frameworks there are Laravel, Cake PHP, Zend Framework, Code Ignitor as the more popular ones. Here are the top reasons why so many people have chosen Laravel and the development framework to develop their business or personal website.


Top ten reasons to pick Laravel


If your website has a user base or is an eCommerce website, it is essential to have a feature where the customers can keep their personal data safe. Hence they are usually required to login to their accounts via the login screen. However, the main question is often how easy is it to break into an authentication system and how hard are they to set-up. With Laravel it easy to implement the authentication. Laravel has a highly strong authentication system that can be implemented out of the box. They have a multiple level of access control that can help with multiple user level access.

Fast loading Web Application:

It is very important to create a Website that is fast to load. There have been several studies that have been conducted over the Internet that suggest that if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the visitors tend to lose interest. The Laravel framework supports caching at the backend using Memcache and Redis. It is configuring by default to implement these and hence this comes forward as a big performance advantage.

Integration with an Email Service:

Just about every website requires the ability to be able to send emails. At times it is useful to have multiple email options to send an email. Laravel provides a very quick and simple API (SwfitMailer library). With drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP’s mail function and ‘sendmail’, Laravel is quite robust and has extensive support when it comes to developing an email service.

Websites have several security vulnerabilities:

It is important to consider these security vulnerabilities when coding a website. The common security vulnerabilities include SQL injection, Cross site request besides others. With Laravel you do not need to be worried about all these common security vulnerabilities.

Configuration Errors and Exception Handling:

It often happens that the website is not configured correctly and this causes several issues in the website, without correct error notification. With Laravel the error and exceptional handling is top notch. It even provides support to log handlers.

Automated testing:

Everyone should know that, no matter how confident one may be, it is important to test the project prior to release. Laravel makes the process of testing even easier. With Laravel the PHPUnit tool is integrated along with the framework, make it very easy to implement and these the project prior to release.

Project Routing:

Using the correct URLs and making them user friendly is very important. With Laravel it is possible to do just that. The routing system in Laravel is very robust that allows you to route all the URL requests correctly and smoothly with additional support for complex URLs.

Keeping it organized:

With Laravel we have the business login, presentation code and the data access queries all in different places. Although they are coupled with some smart code, each of these sections has their own place. This makes them easy to develop, maintain and even extent if the need be.

Message Queue system:

When attempting to make the website more efficient, we often make use of the Queue system. Laravel utilizes the unified API across many different queue backends. This allows to save the processing time since it is being done at the backend while the applications continue to function as normal.

Tasks scheduling and configuration:

Laravel has gone a step further with the method of scheduling tasks. Instead of using CRON service, Laravel uses the command scheduler to do the job.

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