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Top Unique Shopify Blogs To Get Inspired From While Creating Your Own Ecommerce Business Successfully

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If you are looking to start a blog for your eCommerce store we’ll be taking a close look at this post at 8 different examples of outstanding blogs run by eCommerce stores.

For this they go to any extend by creating amazing storefronts, investing in advertisement campaigns, and also building email marketing sequences as a way to attract their customers.

But it has been observed that many especially B2C eCommerce sites don’t even have a blog or content marketing strategy which is a major drawback in the business empire. So here we list down the top Shopify blogs to get inspired from for your own online eCommerce business.

Your business content strategy must include things that your customers find relevant or interesting don’t limit yourself that just focusing on only your product Categories, Product Ideas, or Product Descriptions. For this, we highly recommend you create a Content Calendar to help you keep track of your ideas.

Your diverse content types must include interviews with influencers, video content that will perform well on all the platforms

1) Chinabrands: This eCommerce site sells subscriptions that allow us to know diverse products every month. This is one of the best dropshipping and wholesale platforms in the world. It mainly facilitates the sale of manufactured products from small and medium enterprises to buyers. Their blog is also filled with immense knowledge about the world of several products.

2) Wordtracker: For those who take their first steps in Shopify, this blog is the right tool to learn as it specializes in eCommerce and marketing for online sales sites. Some of the very interesting articles that are being published on this blog are examples of stores that make use of Shopify and its features. One highlight is that in this blog both the positive and negative sides will be taken into account.

3) The Genie Lab: This gets into a deep insight into using the mobile version of the online sales sites. Now where web searches and online shopping are mostly done from mobile devices, it is very helpful to know which additional applications can be used that suit the online stores.

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4) Press’s Squeeze Magazine: Press sells cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses. So here healthy living is a big deal for them as well as their customers. They embrace this with their online content and with their typical blogs in their converted online publication page called “Squeeze magazine”.

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Here they focus to publish on healthy living, workout clothes, offering suggestions for healthy places to eat while traveling, and so on. They don’t just write blindly and make false claims, instead, they take the time to find credible sources and list them in relevant blog posts.

5) VineBox: This is an eCommerce site that allows you to taste different wines each month. Their blog explains to you in-depth about the different kinds and variety of wines which is the perfect marketing counterpart to their product. They have expert knowledge in recommending the best wines driving you to subscribe to their monthly subscriptions.

6) BarkBox: As the name itself suggests, they are a monthly subscription box of goodies for your pet dogs. The market they content with their publication styles site is called the BarkPost which consists of contents spanning a variety of dogs contents. It also captures a feel-good emotion that they want their users to associate with them.

7) E-commerce Platforms: This has every vital information that you need to have for every eCommerce platform found on the Internet. Its blog is all about setting up an eCommerce on a better and reliable platform. This is done by comparing different platforms using their ratings and opinions boards. Their articles will help you out in choosing the best platform as per your needs.

Conclusion: For a beginner who wants to start his own online business, eCommerce or Shopify blogs can be indeed a great source of information and can be even very helpful. It has a lot of potential in terms of brand building, increases email subscribers, establishes a potential relationship with your customers, and drives in sales. Reading this blog help you keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the E-Commerce world.

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