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Link Building

While link building (mainly inbound links) is good for your website from the SEO perspective it is also a major task for most SEO professionals to find the right kind of links where it is safe to do so. It is similar to a “catch-22” situation where on one side it is highly beneficial to have inbound links but on the other hand, even one bad link means being penalized for weeks or months together. However, since inbound links can increase your chance of a better ranking on the search engine results almost all SEO professionals follow the dangerous trail up to link building where one slip up means a certain fall in the ranking. White Hat link building or High-quality links increase organic traffic, referral traffic also increases the domain score and helps ranking in search results.

Thus keeping this is in mind here is a short list link building sites which are safe for SEO:

Educational website:

Educational websites have always been a good source for link building when it comes to SEO. In general, the .edu domains are highly beneficial for SEO. Such websites are a very valuable and authoritative source for you. For the larger part link building on such a website is generally very safe. One of the ways of gaining a good link back on such websites is to offer scholarships.

Government Websites:

All government websites are also authoritative, this includes the websites with the .gov domain. Although it is tough to be linked to a government domain even a small mention or link can be highly beneficial to your SEO campaign. The best way to obtain such links is to sponsor a public event or get involved in communities in any way you can.

Industry-Specific Directory:

When it comes to website directories, most of them have a bad reputation and hence many stay away from them. The recent Google Penguin algorithm will penalize for improper use of such directories. That said not all industry-specific directories are bad. A few of them like the Open Directory Project and the Yahoo business Directory are good examples of good and trusted industry-specific directories. Although such well-known and trusted ones are few and hard to come by, if you do find make sure you take advantage of it.

Industry forum:

Forums are very good too, the ones that are about your business. However, it is never a good idea to post your link to the forum. The way option here is to participate in an active discussion. Some forums may allow you to include your name and a few more details like the website URL in the signature. A good technique here is to make a list of questions that you think you can answer to in a good manner and then make an in-depth blog article answering that question. You can post this article on your blog and respond to the forum discussion with a brief discussion and a link to your blog.

Industry Blog:

There are plenty of blogs out there, that are about specific industries. Hence if you do find one suitable for your industry, then you can capitalize on that and posts articles either as a guest author or even become a regular contributor.

Web sevices

Alakmalak Technologies can guide you:

Alakmalak can be your guide through the treacherous uphill climb to the top of the search engine ranking. There are a lot of SEO professionals out there and many of them can get you into quite a fix with the new algorithms penalizing you for bad techniques.

Several SEO techniques are very popular and can provide good results however link building remains to be one of the most popular ones amongst SEO professionals. However, this has also become one of the riskiest methods of getting to the top. At Alakmalak we are fully aware of all the downfalls and dangers and hence can steer clear of such link building. Use Backlink checker to remove bad Backlinks or broken link building and optimize your low-quality content to high-quality content for the Target audience.

Instead, Basics of link building techniques mentioned above and several more like the ones listed here:

Write a good blog or info graphic making sure it is possible to share on multiple social media groups and email as well and let nature take it course.

  • Audio sharing websites

  • Wiki Websites

  • Journalistic website

  • Social Media websites.

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